Internal Packaging Design Competition: Chocolate and Confectionary

Great Little Box Company (GLBC) recently held the third internal packaging and design competition focusing on the Chocolate and Confectionary Industry.  Our talented members from the Innovative Solutions Structural Team had four months to create a packaging design that was shelf ready and eye-catching utilizing any of GLBC’s in-house capabilities.

For customers looking for innovative ideas and ways to stand out in the world of Chocolate and Confectionary, each design is available to modify to fit your brand and product.

Our first-place winner is from designer Lauren who pushed herself to create a product that encompassed her skillset and growth from the previous design challenge. Lauren explains “I was inspired by negative space and focused on the idea of what could be carved away from the exterior of a carton.” The result? A memorable and functional shape that is visually pleasing and can tailor to an assortment of chocolates or confectionary sweets.

Our second-place winner Joan created a playful package that mimicked a large bonbon candy. The package features a twist tie detail on the ends which helps lock the product in place – saving the customer a gluing cost. There are no limits to what graphics can be placed on the bonbon, making it suitable for all occasions.

Our third-place design is an accordion style that has four compartments that can contain various types of product – making it an ideal gift set. Designer Kong was inspired by his daughter who loves to collect an assortment of boxes. Combining elements from both corrugated and folding cartons, Kong created a simple but elegant retail ready package.

Last but not least, we incorporated a People’s Choice Award where all employees anonymously voted on their favourite design.

Si Boon created his design after having an experience involving the thought of Confection and Sweets. “When I think about delicious confections, cookies, or small pastries, I am reminded of Afternoon Tea.” Both the teapot and teacup are designed using a one-piece structure with a glue closure for the spout feature and tabs to lock in. This charming set can be filled with a wide range of confections ready to enjoy at your next tea party.

This program was developed to allow our designers dedicated creative time to express their passion for design and create some friendly competition.

We are proud to have an incredibly talented Innovative Solutions Structural Team and credit much of our success to these passionate individuals.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for more entries submitted in our Internal Design Challenge and if you haven’t already, check out our previous challenges focusing on Craft Beer and Advent Calendars. For any inquiries regarding these designs or if you would like to learn more about customizing your sweet treats, contact us today at 1 (866) 504-7907 or by email at info@glbc.com.

Mayghan Wu: