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Intergenerational collaboration in the work place

At Great Little Box Company, we’ve noticed that some of the most successful working relationships are world’s apart – generational worlds apart that is.  Inspired by the XYBoom conference that we spoke at recently, our team thought about a GLBC example where different generations are collaborating successfully.

Take for example, Lynda (baby boomer) and Jen (Gen Y). Jen and Lynda were hired around the same time, Lynda as an account manager and Jen as a Customer Service Coordinator. Despite their age gap, Lynda and Jen formed a great working relationship and friendship.

Lynda offered supportive words to Jen, and naturally fell into a mentor role. Jen offered Lynda a refreshing perspective and broader technology skills. Lynda’s support and mentorship, paired with Jen’s ambition, saw the duo grow their territory to one of the leading territories in the company.

Lynda and Jen share their secret recipe for a successful collaboration:

  1. Be Open.  Although generations have different perspectives, it is important to have an open mind to their insights. Try new things and take on something that is out of your comfort zone.
  2. Be Respectful. Respect the other person’s view, experience and background.
  3. Learn. Spend time talking with someone who is older or younger and be open to learning a new skill or perspective.
  4. Communication. Different generations may communicate in a different way then what you are used to. Take note of different communication styles and skill and find ways to enhance your current style.
  5. Find commonalities. Chances are you will have more in common than you think, despite a generational difference. Finding that commonality will help form a genuine and successful partnership.

Jen and Lynda are just one GLBC example of a successful intergenerational partnership. If you want to find out more about the team at GLBC check our Twitter and Facebook for regular updates and happenings.

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