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Innovative Packaging in the Beverage Industry

Packaging is an essential part of marketing your product, especially when launching a new product, because first impressions matter most. Packaging for the beverage industry is ever changing and competitive, forcing companies to come up with innovative packaging designs to give their product the most shelf appeal.

Everybody loves something new – an innovative package is something different and creative that will attract the consumer’s attention and ultimately build your brand awareness. We compiled some innovative packaging examples that we love:

Hanger Tea:

Innovative packaging

Designed by Soon Mo Kang, this innovative packaging is creative, witty, adorable and functional. Tea packaging is an industry that has seen little innovation within their market, and Hanger Tea is sure to differentiate among the rest and get others talking about it

Phillips Snowcase:


We’ve mentioned this before, but we love the creativity Phillips Beer puts into their packaging so much we couldn’t help but include it in our round up… (and not just because we help them design and manufacture it). The emerging craft beer industry has created a battleground for marketers. Craft beer packaging is more about an art form of individualism and creative exploration that matches the taste of the unique beer blend.

Juice Skins:

Innovative Packaging

This innovative packaging was designed by Naoto Fukasawa, and is currently only available in Japan. The juice skins packaging is sure to capture the attention of your consumer and never keep them guessing as to what’s inside.

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