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How to Create Value in your eCommerce with a Branded Packaging Experience

In branding, the challenge is to take what could be a merely functional touchpoint and make it delightful. And there might be no touchpoint more neglected than your e-commerce company’s branded packaging experience.

Send presents, not packages

Just think about the thrill that simply getting a package in the mail creates. Now imagine dramatically amping up that thrill. What if opening a box could feel more like unwrapping a particularly artful holiday gift?

For example, we love Trunk Club’s approach to branded packaging. This men’s fashion service pairs shoppers with personal stylists, so they need to maintain a high-end, bespoke feel at every stage of the consumer journey. When a Trunk Club order comes, it arrives in a box made to look like an antique trunk, complete with a handle. It looks like something Don Draper would carry through the streets of Manhattan—and of course, Trunk Club wants its customers to all feel like Don Draper.

Why create branded packaging experiences

Invest more into your e-commerce company’s branded packaging experience, and you have a real reason to expect repeat business and recommendations.

In a recent survey, the e-commerce logistics coordinator Dotcom Distribution uncovered some eye-opening findings:

  • 52% of online consumers say they are more likely to make repeat purchases from a brand delivering orders in premium packaging
  • 71% of online consumers say they expect higher quality packaging when ordering expensive products online
  • 83% of online consumers say they are likely to share an image of high-quality packaging on social media

Using your touchpoints to create unexpected moments of delight for your customers sparks loyalty, satisfaction, and sharing. Moreover, as an e-commerce business, you have fewer touchpoints than brick and mortar outfits do, so you have to make each one count. And the data is clear: the branded packaging experience is one you should not overlook.

How to create branded packaging for e-commerce

Truly, every component used in your e-commerce packaging can be an opportunity to generate delight and create memories. But here are a few ideas for starting out:

Box – This is, of course, the logical starting point. How can you create a box that is functional for your product, but also expresses your brand experience in some unexpected way? Consider shape, material, and visuals.

Notes—Is there any opportunity to send a message—perhaps a personalized one—to your customer?

Tissue Paper – Custom printed tissue paper is a great way to create a high-end feel and draw out the unboxing experience.

Fill – There are more creative and eco-friendly options than bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts these days. Try cornstarch star-shaped peanuts.

Labels –Labels are yet another opportunity for eye-popping brand alignment. Think about where your labels are placed, and whether you can build layers of interactive visual elements.

Tape– Print your logo on the tape, or explore other visually striking ways to dress up this normally utilitarian part of your packaging.

And that’s just the start! Because GLBC can design and manufacture every single component of an e-commerce company’s branded packaging, we’ve got more ideas where those came from.

Satisfaction, loyalty, and sharing. Three great reasons to invest into your e-commerce company’s branded packing experience. Just remember: send presents, not packages.

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