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What Does Your Holiday Gift Packaging Say About You?

Christmas is less than a month away! Here at Great Little Box, we’ve been busy doing our own holiday gift packaging to prepare for our annual GLBC Children’s Holiday Party. Our very own, Robert Meggy, President and CEO of Great Little Box, still personally goes out shopping for the children and wraps the presents himself, a tradition he’s carried on for 30 years.

For some, holiday gift wrapping is a time to turn on the festive music, sip a craft beer (maybe out of a Snowcase), and put their craft skills to use. For others, they couldn’t be bothered with the taping, cutting, tucking and everything that entails making a perfect package. For us, we love any kind of packaging, that’s why we do it all year-round!

What does your holiday gift packaging say about you?

The Perfectionist – image via

The Perfectionist – Colour coordinated, mathematically measured edges, perfect folds and not a wrinkle in sight.

Characteristics of this wrapper: competitive, attention to detail, perfectionist, thrive on routine.

The Gift Bagger – image via

The Gift Bagger – No time for digging out the scissors, tape and paper, just throw it in a bag, maybe even a “Happy Birthday” bag if it’s the only one around.

Characteristic of this wrapper: usually a procrastinator, likely to leave holiday shopping until the last minute

The Green Wrapper – image via

The Green Wrapper – Only uses recycled paper that has been made from sustainable sources. You wrap your gifts in newspaper, use a leaf as a gift tag or reuse old packaging.

Characteristics of this wrapper: environmentalist, down to earth

The Creative Accessorizer- image via

The Creative Accessorizer – For this wrapper, each gift is a piece of artwork and challenge for the imagination.  You decorate every tag, put a bow on each package, hand-cut snowflakes, and put tiny bells on each ribbon.

Characteristic of this wrapper: sociable, trendy, and crafty

At GLBC, we like to think of ourselves as the perfectionist – since packaging is the name of our game. What is your holiday gift packaging style? Tweet us or share a photo of your holiday gift packaging on our Facebook page.

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