Holiday Advent Calendar Concepts: Summer Edition

August 3, 2018

Holiday Cheer in August!

The creative juices are flowing at GLBC as we share our Advent Calendar packaging competition.  This is our second competition, with the first focusing on design for craft beer can be read here. With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to think about your packaging and we’re here to help!

The goal of the advent calendar packaging design is to allow our employees to shine. Each individual is unique and full of creative genius, and we love to encourage their imagination. The advent calendar competition carefully selected the top three designs, and each are unlike any packaging designs on the market today.  Talk to your Packaging Specialist today for a sneak peek at all the incredible designs we have.


Advent calendars are more than just a seasonal fad. The designs created in our internal competition apply to any month during any time of the year—they’re a perfect excuse for a “birthday month”!

The third-place design is versatile both in packaging shape and graphic design. With stacking capabilities and different designs on each calendar, this calendar can turn into the perfect toy or gift for any occasion.  The easy to assemble design can be loaded both vertically or horizontally and holds a variety of product size and type.  The litho laminate finish gives full-colour capabilities to tell your brand’s story.


The second-place design is all about cheese! This unique hexagon shaped calendar is easy to assemble with an interlocking design that creates a solid overall structure.  The distinctive lid design will stand out on retail shelves.


The first-place winning design is a new shape altogether! Forget the rectangle advent calendars you’re used to this calendar’s wreath shape can be displayed or hung on the wall. The individual boxes for each day have a small peek-a-boo window to tease the inside treat before opening.    Each day of this advent calendar has its own compartment in order to make it your own!

Each design created from this internal competition provides an opportunity for reuse year after year. The packages uphold their design and can hold various small gifts that change from month to month.

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