Healthy Halloween Tips

October 23, 2018

It is that time of year- Halloween, one of our favourite days here at Great Little Box Company! Here are some of our top healthy Halloween Tips from our resident fitness guru, Shannon Sawicki from Venus Fitness and Lifestyle.


With Halloween right around the corner, some of you may be wondering how you and your family can stick to your healthy lifestyle while still enjoying ghoulish get-togethers, spooky soirees, and other frightening festivities. Here are a few healthy tips for a fun-filled Halloween.

Hand out non-food treats:  Give out goodies like stickers, pencils, bubbles, spider rings, play-dough, and other toys instead of candy.

Balance the Sweet Treats with Protein and Veggies: Whether you’re hosting or attending a Halloween party, or just getting the kids out the door to Trick or treat, make sure to incorporate protein and veggies. This will help to balance out snacking and prevent blood sugar spikes.

Games: If you are hosting a party for your kids you can take the classic game of duck-duck-goose and turn it into ghost-ghost-goblin. This adds a little spooky twist to the traditional game.  Ghost sack races, pin the hat on the witch and bobbing for apples are all fun ideas.

Halloween themed dinner and snacking.  If your house is anything like mine, it’s always a scramble to get the kids ready and out the door.  Plus they are usually so excited it’s hard to get them to sit down to eat.  I have had success with a candy corn veggie platter, mummy meatloaf, Banana pops, apple monsters, and Hotdog fingers. I usually prepare this the day before and put it out to nibble on throughout the night.   All are fun foods that provide a healthy alternative to candy.

Don’t be fooled by the “fun-size.”  Sounds almost too obvious, but those cute little packages may look harmless but do we ever just eat one?!

Halloween Hail Mary: Halloween is great! It’s been one of my favourite holidays forever because I love sweets and getting creative with costumes and decor.  No matter who you are, you’re likely tempted by the undeniable ever present treats of the season.  Namely, Halloween Candy!  Stocking up on all the best varieties of candy, telling yourself  “it’s for the neighbourhood kids.” Meanwhile, you’re eating four pieces a day because they’re just so tempting and tiny that they seem harmless.  We’ve all been there but this year can be different.  Here’s a quick and dirty work out if you can’t help but eat that fourth Fun Size Snickers (or first). 😉

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Venus Fitness and Lifestyle is a health and wellness company based out of Richmond, B.C. that offers Personal Training, Group Fitness, and Corporate Fitness services throughout the community. In addition to health and wellness services, Venus Fitness is also a 2018 #WMTop30 blog, focused around balancing Fitness, Family, and Fun. Venus Fitness’s mission is to encourage and support a healthy balanced lifestyle. Fitness is the seed from which a healthy lifestyle grows. However without dedication, hard work, perseverance, and healthy choices both nutritionally, mentally and socially this can be hard to maintain… that is where Family and Fun come in.

Shannon Sawicki founded the company in 2007 with the support of The Great Little Box Company’s very own CEO, and award-winning entrepreneur, Robert Meggy. Shannon has been able to grow her services and digital offerings creating an impressive health and lifestyle platform. Shannon’s commitment and enthusiasm to healthy living, coupled with her devotion to family is what drives Venus Fitness making her a hardworking fitness leader, inspiring health and lifestyle advocate and the GLBC resident fitness guru.

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