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Harloc Case Study: Packaging to Meet Diverse Needs

When Michael Gibson and Sara Rose decided to launch Harloc, their own line of hair extensions, they knew what difference they wanted to make in the industry: more diversity. To produce a quality extension made from ethically sourced, fair trade, traceable hair from communities in Central and Eastern Europe was one thing. To make extensions that provide great hair to anyone and everyone was quite another thing. But for founders Michael Gibson and Sara Rose, connecting stylists and consumers alike with extensions that met diverse needs was a necessity. And in terms of packaging, that meant generating multiple solutions, each one designed for a specific consumer.

Harloc works with stylists and hair salon owners to grow all aspects of their hair extension businesses. That means providing support for the entire process: consultation, design, blending, cutting, and supporting clients with home care. With salon support being such a critically important part of Harloc’s business, they needed to ensure they were meeting the needs of stylists, as well as direct customers.

Michael Gibson, Co-Owner of Brush Salon, had already been working with Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC) on e-commerce and influencer mailers when they decided to launch Harloc. Michael and Sara knew they could rely on us for high-end results—as well as the problem-solving it would take to create the different boxes.

Harloc hair ecommerce packaging
Harloc Hair Case Study: E-Commerce Packaging

The Situation

When it comes to packaging their hair extensions, Harloc had two end users in mind: stylists and consumers. Both needed a packaging experience that would underscore the minimalist beauty of the brand. Both needed to have an unboxing experience that sparked intrigue and excitement. But the box intended for stylists needed to be particularly functional. And the box that’s shipped directly to consumers needed an extra dose of elegance, since it would most likely be used as a keepsake to store their extensions. What kind of box would enhance efficiency in a salon environment? And what kind of box would a Harloc customer proudly keep around their home?

The Solution

Harloc Hair folding carton packaging with gold foil
Harloc Hair Case Study: Packaging to meet Diverse Needs

Both Folding Carton boxes were printed with a Pantone Matching System on Solid Bleached Sulphate material with a luxurious soft touch AQ finish. We also created a unique repeating satin gold pattern using a foil stamp. Both packaging designs include an inner box that is pulled out of a sleeve, delivering on that delightful unboxing experience.

But to address the different needs of the two end users—stylists and direct customers—we ultimately needed to create two different boxes.

For the “tape-in extensions” box intended for stylists, we needed a solution that would be easy to file by colour and require minimal packaging. This box was thinner, making it more functional to store and more environmentally friendly.

For the “clip-in extension” box intended for direct customers, we need to deliver on the concept of the keepsake box. This box was thicker, making it more durable and giving it a more elevated high-end look.

The Result

GLBC’s work with Harloc helped the company to:

  • Serve different clientele: by creating two boxes, they’re meeting the functional needs of both direct customers and salons/stylists
  • Achieve high-end results: through a thoughtful combination of materials and innovative technologies, they’re getting boxes that live up to the brand

We love Harloc’s mission to create hair extensions that are ethically produced and serve a diverse clientele. Knowing that the boxes we created together will enhance the functionality of salons and be treasured as keepsakes makes us proud. Harloc extensions have already popped up on tv shows and publications like Hello Magazine Canada, ABC, and more. Where will they show up tomorrow?

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