Great Little Box named one of Canada’s Top Employers

GLBC honoured for “Forward-thinking human resources policies”

Awards season has been busy at Great Little Box Company—in a great way. In February, we were distinguished as one of BC’s Top Employers of 2019. In March, Deloitte called us one of Canada’s best-managed companies. Now, in April, we receive another tremendous honour: being named one of Canada’s top small and medium-sized employers.

Once again, it’s a distinction that hones in on what makes us most proud: our people and how we support them to excel.

Reflecting on the award, GLBC’s President Brad Tindall says, “Recognition amongst your peers is always rewarding and helps validate that we are moving forward on a path shared by many other successful organizations.”

Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers is a competition honouring the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with the country’s “best workplaces and forward-thinking human resources policies.” The competition evaluates all contenders using these criteria:

  • Physical Workplace;
  • Work Atmosphere & Social;
  • Health, Financial & Family Benefits;
  • Vacation & Time Off;
  • Employee Communications;
  • Performance Management;
  • Training & Skills Development; and
  • Community Involvement.

If GLBC is, as Brad says, moving forward on a path, it’s at least partly paved by those “forward-thinking human resources policies” that the criteria suggest. The vision that guides GLBC—Grow our People- Grow our Business—expresses the belief that if people excel, then so will the company they work for.

Benefits like birthdays off, wellness programs, and an initiative to achieve a company-wide trip are all part of the vision. It attracts great people and it makes them want to stay—and invite others to join. Half of the company’s new hires are through referrals from within the company.

“In today’s environment, with low unemployment, everybody’s competing for the same candidate,” says Brad, “but if we can leverage our social programs, people can see that it’s just not a job – it’s a culture.”

When it comes to building a culture that helps employees excel, Vice President of Human Resources Christine Tindall says that it’s all about listening. “We attract and retain the best people by listening to what the employees are asking of us. What is important to them? What are their core values? Are we aligned with them?”

Indeed, communication is a big part of the GLBC difference. Feedback helps employees to learn and grow. But it’s not one-sided. “GLBC encourages two-way feedback,” says Christine.

“We practice open management,” explains Brad. “Our open-door policy means employees have access to generate conversations within the company.”

GLBC’s formal systems for employee recognition also help team members to feel appreciated. For example, an Employee of the Month program highlights great work and inspiring individuals.

And it’s always important to “spend time outside the hierarchy,” as Brad puts it. Experiences like trips to Mexico as a team, foosball tournaments, and volleyball games encourage team members to “form real relationships with managers and feel more comfortable coming into work.”

As GLBC basks in the honour of a truly exciting awards season, we feel grateful to be the company we are. In the words of Brad, “we aren’t just about punching a clock and receiving a paycheck”—and it feels great.


About Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers Competition

Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers is an editorial competition that recognizes the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that offer the nation’s best workplaces and forward-thinking human resources policies. Canada’s SME sector is tremendously important to the nation and is responsible for: over half of the nation’s gross domestic product; over 90% of the private-sector labour force; and over 95% of the new jobs created in the past decade.

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