Goodridge&Williams Distilling Case Study: Achieving Next-Level Branding Affordably

NÜTRL Vodka. We only need to say those two words for you get a sense of Goodridge&Williams Distilling’s impact on the spirits industry. NÜTRL which is only one of the BC-based distiller’s sub-brands has taken the world by storm with its crafted vodka sodas. At this point, their white minimally designed cans are nearly as common as beer cans at your average celebratory gathering.

With a brand impact this powerful, the bar has been set very high for Goodridge&Williams. And as their carton and label makers since 2018, Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC) has to regularly harness plenty of creativity to meet and exceed that bar.

The label for the distiller’s latest product, 4 Letter Word Wine, was no exception. As the “wine with fewer rules”, it’s positioned as a forward-thinking, exceptionally modern brand, not dissimilar from NÜTRL. The ask for a product like this is always to create branding that meets a certain standard for innovation.

But to get results that truly feel innovative, you have to harness processes that are just as out of the box. Or else you pay a (very literal) price.

Goodridge&Williams - 4 Letter Word Wine - Rose
Goodridge&Williams – 4 Letter Word Wine – Rose

The Situation

Nine times out of ten, “innovative” means “complex”. And “complex” means “expensive” just as often. That was the situation GLBC and Goodridge & Williams were facing with the 4 Letter Word label design, which features, naturally, a large stylized number 4.

To create an exceptionally bold effect, the label was designed with multiple foils and a “cut out” on the 4. This meant that the centre of the 4 would need to be punched out.

There was a way to do it. But that way was complex, therefore expensive. To achieve the jaw-dropping results the label was designed to deliver without running up costs, GLBC had to dig deep, and find a different way.

The Solution

The most straightforward way to create the punched-out 4 was unfeasibly expensive.
It would have entailed purchasing an air-inject dye that’s far more costly than regular dye. Plus, adding multiple foils to the design would have necessitated a second pass on the finishing machine. Between the air inject die and the second pass, the price tag was looking hefty.

Fortunately, our label solutions team are nothing if not problem-solvers.

First, we worked with the label designer to revamp the layout of the 4, enabling us to eliminate the air injection dye.

Next, we tackled the issue of the second pass. Fortunately, we’d recently sourced out a high sheen UV silver from a specialty ink manufacturer. This ink allowed us to achieve the silver look that the second silver foil would have delivered. Eliminating the second foil also eliminated the second pass.

Ultimately, the label looked exactly the same way the designer had envisioned it—but the cost of pulling it off was cut dramatically.

The Result

GLBC’s work with Goodridge & Williams helped the company to:

  • Achieve innovative branding: the labels are just as bold and forward-looking as the product they brand.
  • Cut packaging costs: by finding a creative way of achieving the necessary results, the price tag for labelling was greatly reduced.
Goodridge&Williams - 4 Letter Word Wine
Goodridge&Williams – 4 Letter Word Wine

We’re confident that Goodridge&Williams has many more incredibly out-of-the-box products up their sleeves. When they say they are “challengers and disruptors”, it’s not empty talk. They have the market impact to back it up. And as they create and share their products, it’s our job to help them achieve their vision affordably.