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Going Nuts Case Study: 50% Sales Increases Through Digitally Printed POP Displays

Going Nuts is exactly that sort of unique, soulful, family-run business that starts out as a market stand and ends up everybody’s favourite snack brand. Launched in 2004 at the Calgary Farmers’ Market by entrepreneurs and nut lovers Chris Schlemm and Brenda Jenkyns, Going Nuts is increasingly renowned in Alberta. From then to now, they’ve evolved from three products to a range of nut-themed snacks, including nut butters, granolas, bars, energy bites, and nut mylk. Best of all, these snacks are produced every week, so they’re always delightfully fresh.

With products as tasty as theirs, Going Nuts really only needs to put their products out there in an attention-getting way. After all, once people sample them, they typically become loyal customers. But how could Going Nuts create that initial encounter—one similar to the farmer’s market stand experience, but suitable for retail spaces?

That’s what sparked Great Little Box Company/ Ideon Packaging (GLBC)’s work with the company in 2018. As that work progressed, Going Nuts and GLBC landed on a solution that ultimately resulted in a 40-50% sales increase. Here’s how.

The Situation

When you’re placing your products in a retail space, the best way to create that “farmer’s market stand experience” is through a Point of Purchase (POP) display. It helps the product pop, showcases the brand, and makes a customer pause and potentially deviate from their shopping list to try something new.

2018 – Going Nuts Bin Box

In 2018, Going Nuts started out with a simple display bin using our stock bin box tooling. (That means we didn’t need to create a customized device to manufacture the bins.) But early in 2020, the company got an opportunity to place their products in Sobeys, Safeways, and IGAs in Alberta. Going Nuts was exposed to a new batch of potential fans in their ideal demographic: people who spend a little more for quality snack experiences. The time was right to create a POP that would really pop.

The Solution

Going Nuts was excited to create a new POP, but still hesitant about sinking resources into an untested solution. Fortunately, GLBC has the ability to create digitally printed POPs. That is significant for two reasons:

  1. The display could be fully printed with Going Nuts’ branding without “tooling” costs.
  2. The run of POPs could be small initially, giving the company the opportunity to test the solution before scaling up.

Equipped with this digital advantage, GLBC created a POP for Going Nuts that was:

  • custom sized to fit their product trays
  • custom branded with an attention-getting pattern featuring nut graphics GLBC already had on file, saving costs
  • created as a modular system that can be adapted to different stores based on their constraints, or for different product mixes at different times

The Results

Going Nuts deployed their smaller run of POPs to 5 premium stores in order to test the waters. The results spoke for themselves: a 40-50% increase of sales in those stores!

Today, there are 15 Going Nuts POPs in Safeways, Sobeys, and IGAs across Alberta. The displays are working exactly the way they should: increasing sales by creating that attention-getting farmer’s market stand experience. The company is able to modify the POPs every time they want to highlight a different product, helping them to be strategic without increasing costs.

Being a smaller business owner means exercising caution when it comes to investing marketing dollars. Fortunately, with GLBC’s digital printing capabilities, it’s always possible to launch flexible, lower-cost experiments.

Going Nuts’ experiment was an unqualified success, and that’s great news for healthy snack lovers in Alberta.

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