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Glohaven Community Hub Case Study: A Gift Box Benefiting Schools and Local Creators

Glohaven Community Hub is a community-based e-commerce marketplace that focuses on local creators. Originally conceived as a way to aggregate the amazing products and experiences that exist in particular locations for tourists, they ended up having to pivot during the pandemic. And at that point, they fast-tracked a part of their business that was supposed to come much later in their development roadmap. It took off like a rocket: a fundraising tool that leveraged their Globoxes™.

The Remarkably Loved Globox™ is a sensational hug in a box

“A high school in Vernon, BC, where we are based, couldn’t do their normal apple pie fundraiser with the restrictions. Glohaven’s CTO’s son was graduating, so he brought his idea past our team to see if we could create several Globoxes™ and make a raffle. With the funds raised, they hoped to cover graduation expenses,” explains Angela Case, Customer Success Manager & Co-Founder. “They loved the idea that we were creating gift boxes filled with local products and experiences that supported our community.”

Fast-track it they did, with support from Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC), and soon the Globox™ was a reality. This box drives many benefits for many parties. The local businesses whose products and experiences are featured are paid base rates. Organizations that use them as fundraisers see tremendous financial returns. And Glohaven Community Hub has seen their profile rise, and for all the right reasons.

As a business that was inspired by co-founder Michael Benedek’s successful fight against Stage Four cancer, making a positive difference is a must. In fact, the name comes from the type of peach Michael ate when he’d gone into remission and his sense of taste first came back.

Now, with the tourism industry finally reviving, Glohaven continues to build its capabilities in making local experiences and products more accessible through which is currently in closed Beta testing.

The Situation

With the high school counting on Glohaven to get a gift box together for their fundraiser, the pressure was on. But the Glohaven team wanted to get it right.

First, the box had to be a true keepsake for important reasons of sustainability. As their team builds this socially impactful e-commerce ecosystem with a network of partners and innovative solutions that help tourism communities create a more prosperous, sustainable, inclusive, and resilient future, their Globoxes™ are helping to shine a light on their work.

“We were fortunate to partner with the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, and create an initiative, where every Globox™ would feature local products and experiences, and highlight Indigenous businesses and Biosphere Committed companies,” Angela explains, “Then we created the Indigenous Globox™, and we were honoured to do this alongside a third partner, Shop First Nations.”

Fulfilling Indigenous Globoxes™ with Emma Kopp (Digital Media Coordinator), Angela Case (Customer Success Manager & Co-Founder) and Chelssie Baker (Indigenous Relations & Content Manager)

Not just a fundraising tool, Globoxes™ are also created for custom orders for clients wishing to elevate their gifting experience by supporting businesses unique to their communities, their areas. Glohaven is thrilled to list clients being; the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, Eldorado Resort, SilverStar Mountain Resort, Destination Silver Star, the Okanagan Indian Band, Tourism Vernon, and the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre.

Shown here is Emily Carr student, Taylor Baptiste, from the Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB) with the newest custom Globox™ design for the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre that will be available to purchase in mid-April. This Globox™ has premium features that show off a traditional birch basket, with a modern twist from Taylor’s innovative digital art.glohaven-community-student-with-box

The Solution

Glohaven Community Hub researched carefully when they were looking for a packaging partner to help them pull the project off. Practicing sustainability and being locally based were important, and they discovered that GLBC ticked off on both of those boxes. (No pun intended.)

GLBC and Glohaven worked together to create a custom gift box that would be as much of a treasure as the products inside of it. The digital print was vivid and crisp, doing justice to the artwork it displayed. The closures were smooth, providing a premium unboxing experience.

Five of these Globoxes™ were featured in this flagship raffle… and the results were phenomenal. The raffle raised $14,000, a higher sum than the school had ever managed. Soon, other schools were reaching out to do their own fundraisers with Glohaven.

The Result

GLBC’s work with Glohaven Community Hub helped the company to:

• Raise their profile: the beautiful, and extremely popular Globoxes™ helped broadcast the work of Glohaven across the Okanagan region, and beyond.
• Deliver on their values: the Globoxes™ enabled Glohaven to pay local businesses fair prices and raise funds for schools.
• Enhancing their brand: the beauty and functionality of the Globoxes™ demonstrates Glohaven’s commitment to excellence.
Glohaven is an inspired company with the will do as much good as this short life allows for. Their Globoxes™—which can be purchased on their website, as well as used in raffles—are spreading that message in wonderful way.


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