GLBC Celebrates the Unveiling of New Fleet Graphics

November 8, 2018

Back in 1986 CEO Robert Meggy first thought up the idea of our Iconic box photo and felt it showcased all the employees that make it great.  Later that year inspiration hit that he could wrap truck trailers utilizing the box photo, and the spirit of GLBC’s branding was captured.

First Box Photo – 1986

There have been different versions of the truck and trailer wrap and all have shaped the evolution of GLBC’s brand and imagery.  These wraps have been one of our main sources of advertising through the years as our fleet drives our customer’s communities and delivers the outstanding products and customer service we have become known for.  As Robert Meggy states, “Every time someone comes into visit GLBC they mention they’ve seen our trucks driving around.”

When GLBC decided it was time redo their fleet’s graphics, “We wanted a design that was not only traffic stopping memorable and incorporated our history but also positioned our brand as the one-source packaging manufacturer and supplier we have become,” says Natisha Mathews, Director of Marketing.

This vision came to fruition with design agency MediaDesigns and photographer Alina Ilyasova. The new design was then applied by our local partner, Ampco Graphics.

We are excited to announce the latest trailer wrap design and the first two have already hit the road so keep an eye out!