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Fun Lifestyle Packaging Facts

Furniture packaging is a large part of our business here at Great Little Box. It’s important that your brand new couch, table, chair, or lighting fixture gets to you unharmed, as your furniture and décor set the mood for your entire home. We are a provider of protective packaging, which ensures your products get from the store to your home without a scratch! Here are some fun facts about lifestyle packaging that ensures your home is kept in top notch condition!

Flat Pack Furniture

IKEA was the first company to recognize the advantages of flat pack furniture, back in 1956. By creating furniture that customers can easily (well, sometimes easily!) assemble by themselves at home with just a few tools, this allows companies to save packaging materials and minimize transportation costs. So even though you may struggle through trying to build that new dresser, just remember that it’s more environmentally and financially friendly than buying the dresser fully assembled!

packaging facts stacked ikea cardboard boxes
Packaging Facts: Fun Lifestyle – Flat Pack Furniture

Bubble Wrap

Did you know that Bubble Wrap was first marketed as textured wallpaper?! According to The UPS Store, consumers did not embrace the pop-friendly wallpaper first sold in 1956, so after the attempt to sell the material as a greenhouse insulation also failed, bubble wrap established its true purpose of protecting shipments while they’re in transit. I think we can all relate to the temptation of popping this wrap when we were children, so let’s be thankful this is used to keep our lovely items safe and not stuck up on our walls for children to pop!

packaging facts roll of bubble wrap
Packaging Facts: Fun Lifestyle – Bubble Roll

Packing Peanuts

At GLBC we protect many of our packages with packing peanuts – but did you know these miniature cushions are actually compostable and dissolve in water? Not only do they keep your parcel safe, but they are environmentally friendly and reduce to a starch-based residue – you can even eat them if you want, although we recommend going with a more nutritious meal instead!

packaging facts biodegradable packing peanuts
Packaging Facts: Fun Lifestyle – Compostable Packing Peanuts

We hope you enjoyed learning some interesting tidbits about packaging materials that keep your valuables safe and scratch-free!

At GLBC our priority is delivering your packages to you efficiently and effectively – contact our team to learn more about how we can meet your needs.

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