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Food Packaging: Innovation For Efficiency

Last week, we did a round up of a few innovative packages in the beverage industry. This week we want to explore the innovations coming out of the food packaging industry and provide some tips to keep in mind when thinking of how to go about designing your packaging.

Great food packaging draws in the consumers, elevates your brand identity, and ultimately gets your product off the shelf and into the home of your consumer.

When designing new food packaging, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Solve the problem – Innovation is defined as “something original, new, and important – in whatever field – that breaks in to (or obtains a foothold in) a market or society”. Our favourite fast food packaging design is this genius fast food carrier designed by Seulbi Kim, a graduate student at the Rhode Island School Of Design. This fast food packaging design reduces waste by 50 per cent and solves the issue of carrying multiple items with one convenient package.


Focus on user appeal – Simplicity and functionality should be the main focus when designing a product for a consumer. Take for example, Heinz’ new ketchup package “dip and squeeze” – this innovative food packaging, allows the ketchup to either be squeezed from one end, or the lid can be peeled back for dipping. For the consumer, it is convenient, easy to open, functional, less messy, and simple.


Reduce your carbon footprint – less is always more. Use as little material as possible when planning for your food packaging design. Here at GLBC we practice lean manufacturing and maintain our commitment to sustainability.

We love innovation and creativity! For more information on our manufacturing and packaging capabilities for the food industry, contact us today.

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