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The Most Captivating Food Packaging Trends in 2022

The Most Captivating Food Packaging Trends in 2022

We’ve always been told not to judge a book by its cover, but it turns out that we’re all very quick to judge packaging. In fact, research by Ipsos shows us that 72% of shoppers surveyed are influenced by a product’s packaging when they are trying to decide whether to buy. And 67% of the same group admitted they were influenced by the materials used to package that product. So, then, what design and material trends are catching the attention and influencing the purchasing decisions of your customers in 2022?

Because we design and manufacture just about everything to do with food packaging (corrugated, folding cartons, labels, protective packaging, etc.), we’ve seen it all. And these are the trends that are driving the best outcomes for our clients in the food industry. They’re experiencing better sales, higher engagement, and more overall excitement about their brand.

In 2022, here are the food packaging trends that are captivating customers:


Food Packaging Trends Beer packaging with qr codes
Food Packaging Trends in 2022: Interactivity with QR Codes – Beerfest in a Box

Unsurprisingly, one of the top trends we see is technology-driven. However, interactivity is not about futuristic bells and whistles and incorporating the “latest thing”. This trend matters because it makes your customers feel like they can have a deeper experience with your brand.

So…what is “interactivity”? A great example is including a QR code on your label that links to a website with stories about your product. Or perhaps it takes your customer to an online game. Or…the sky’s the limit, really. The idea is that your packaging is a doorway to other experiences, making the “world” of your product feel bigger, more exciting, and truly immersive.


Food Packaging trends recycled material packaging
Food Packaging Trends in 2022: Sustainability with Post-Consumer Content Recycled Material

Did you know that, globally, 85% of people say they have shifted their purchasing behaviour to be more sustainable? Sustainability in packaging can no longer be ignored— to do so will cost you, customers, especially if you are marketing to Millennials or Gen Z. Increasingly, these customers want to know what materials you used and how you sourced them.

What’s sustainable? In general, recyclable or biodegradable is a great start. We know from the same Ipsos research we referenced at the top that sustainably sourced cardboard is very attractive to customers. That research reveals that 68% of consumers are more likely to buy something in a paper or cardboard package than a plastic container.


Food Packaging Trends labels with bears
Food Packaging Trends in 2022: Personalization with Digital Print

Digital printing has opened avenues for customization that have changed the game. Instead of rolling out lines of identical packaging, you can make tweaks that allow for personalization. For example, picture a package with a design that incorporates your customer’s name. Or a package that includes a personal note. Or an option on your website that allows customers to pick their own package designs (like the cookie giant Oreos has done).

This trend makes a lot of sense if you have customers with accounts and regular orders, like in e-commerce. It’s an extra step that really pays off in customer engagement and loyalty.


transparent packaging dan the sausageman
Food Packaging Trends in 2022: Transparent Packaging – Dan the Sausageman

Transparency is a trend that addresses a growing need for trust. As customers have gotten savvier, they need to know they aren’t being deceived by the companies they support. The easiest way to show customers you have nothing to hide…is by hiding nothing! How do you do that? It’s brilliantly simple. Just use (literally) transparent packaging. When you can see exactly what the food looks like, it builds trust and drives sales. 


minimalist coffee packaging
Food Packaging Trends in 2022: Minimalism – Harken Coffee

Nothing says “high end” like eliminating unnecessary clutter from design. When a product looks clean, simple, and elegant, it draws attention in the best possible way. And frankly, complicated, overly colourful, and busy design has traditionally dominated the food industry, so currently, minimalism is a way to stand out.

Commanding attention and compelling sales aren’t small feats in 2022’s crowded food industry. But when you leverage a trend (or two) in just the right way, it gives you an “of the moment” appeal that helps cut through the noise.

Finally, one thing our team loves is dreaming up creative packaging ideas, so if there’s anything you’re curious about, please reach out.



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