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The People Who Care for People: Carrie Dawson, Customer Solutions Coordinator

Carrie Dawson is a Customer Solutions Coordinator in the Folding Carton – Retail Packaging Division at our Richmond, BC location. She has been with the team for 23 years—nearly a quarter century! During that time, she’s experienced an unusual diversity of roles; moving from finance to corrugate production scheduler to customer service, where she is an incredibly good fit. Carrie is an insatiable learner and the definition of a people person, and we’re so lucky to have her onboard.

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How did you start working at Great Little Box Company?

That’s an interesting story! I started here as a temp when I was 8 months pregnant, covering for payroll. Who hires someone 8 months pregnant? But Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC) did. I was approaching my due date, but I really needed to work. So, I crossed my legs worked until the end of the day Friday and delivered our daughter, Julia, on the Sunday.

I took a seven-month maternity leave and then started as a payroll accountant for an engineering firm downtown when GLBC called and offered me a job. GLBC knew I was a good fit and the right candidate for the job. I accepted the position, part accounts payable and part purchasing. I was already in love with GLBC and the people there, so I came on board in March of 2000. I worked in the accounting department for 5 years in multiple roles before moving to production as the corrugate scheduler for 7 years. From there I continued in customer service for the corrugated & industrial packaging division for 3 years. Eventually ending up in the folding carton – retail packaging division as a customer solutions coordinator where I have been for the last 7 years.

It’s a huge plus that I have had the opportunity to work in so many departments. I do have a tendency to get bored. I like to continuously improve, grow, and learn and GLBC has given me that opportunity.

Why did you choose to end up in customer service?

I was looking for a change and the opportunity to learn something new. My education is in finance, so it was hard for me to leave finance. It was a big leap to go to production as a scheduler. It seemed like customer service was the next logical leap. I love representing GLBC and in customer service that’s what you are doing; you represent the company. I’m so proud of GLBC. Getting to show customers the GLBC way was a big draw for me.

What are your keys to success?

I really enjoy working with start-up customers—people ordering boxes for the first time. I feel like it’s important to take time with them and to recommend products. Like, “Have you thought about how this box functions? Is it easy for your staff to pack?” Explain our processes. Handholding really pays off in the long run. It’s about building relationships.

What interests you most about your job?

Helping customers. I want the customer to walk away with a good impression. Having them think, “Wow this company really does go above and beyond. This company is really doing it right”.

GLBC is never stagnant. It’s always changing. That definitely comes from Bob (Robert Meggy, GLBC founder). I have a lot of philosophies that Bob has instilled in me. I wish we could give new employees a “Handbook of Bob”. He was all about less red tape. He believed a customer should be able to call in and get an answer in one call.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

A happy customer. A repeat customer. Building relationships. I want all customers to be proud of their Great Little Box that represents their product.

What advice would you give yourself 15 years ago about customer service?

Be patient, and have faith.

What is your favourite memory of the company?

Halloween at GLBC! The freedom to create, brainstorm, and use GLBC material. GLBC is a candy shop of material. I have spent many hours after work with co-workers designing. Seeing your vision come to life is super thrilling.

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