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Five Summer Fitness Tips to Enjoy while Social Distancing

The sunny weather and blue skies of summer give us the perfect excuse to get outside and get moving, and it’s clear that the COVID-19 situation is going to last for a while, and although we’re all safe at home, we need to create healthy activities for ourselves and our families.

Whether we are enjoying time in the garden or heading to the beach, most of us are naturally more inclined to be active during warmer months. And summer is the ideal time to start some healthy fitness goals you can keep around all year long.

Get started with these 5 summer fitness tips to enjoy with your family or isolation bubble.


The first step in any fitness plan is to set some goals. So, set fun fitness goals for summer and keep them approachable and attainable. Your goals should be specific, but not so difficult that they feel out of reach or burdensome. Small intentions go a long way.

Make a summer bucket list of fitness activities you would like to try and put a plan in place to make it happen! Or if you would like to stick with familiar activities like riding your bike or walking, just pick a new route or destination each time to keep it interesting. Whatever you do, finding ways to mix it up makes it more fun and getting your friends and family involved makes it fun too.


In addition to the physical benefits of getting outside and moving more, spending time outdoors can have positive effects on mental health and well-being.

Exercise is important for mood, focus, health, and immune function, which is especially important now.  Exercise gets your lymphatic system pumping which in turn boosts your immunity and overall health.  Best of all, it will give you a hit of those feel-good hormones endorphins which in turn lowers our levels of stress hormones and supports our immune system.

Take advantage of the summer weather to try activities you have never tried before or that just isn’t an option when it’s cold out. Here are some fun outdoor activities to add to your summer workout routine while still maintaining physical distancing.

  • Bike riding & walking – Great activities for the whole family.
  • Hiking: Try to pick locations and times that won’t be too busy for social distancing.
  • Running: Hit the road early before everyone is out to get the blood pumping.
  • Paddle BoardThis is a great whole-body workout. It works your core, arms, lower body—everything! If you don’t own one you may want to consider bringing your own sanitation for touchpoints.
  • Kayaking: Join a guided kayaking tour to get a new view of a local lake or river. Bring a friend and get a tandem kayak to double the fun! Again, remember 6 feet of distance.
  • Rollerblade: Whether you opt for roller blades or go old school, roller skating is a fun outdoor activity for all ages.  Just be sure to wear some protective gear in case things get a little bumpy.


Summer Fitness Tips, While Social Distancing

Hopscotch: Don’t just be a spectator! You get to play too and enjoy a leg workout while getting in some quality time with fam.

Tag: This classic game is great for getting everyone running around and giggling.

Baseball: Head to a nearby park for some batting practice or improvise a small family game. Set a reward for hitting home runs!

Pick-Up Soccer: Kicking a ball around in the backyard is a great summer workout.

Swimming (or treading water): If your kids are good swimmers, head to some fresh water! Swimming and treading water are both great forms of exercise.


If you have a wearable fitness device, competing with family for the most steps, workouts or calories burned each week is an excellent way to stay motivated. And it can be a lot of fun! You could also download a fitness app to your smartphone and connect with friends online for some healthy competition. Up the stakes with a prize! Maybe the winner gets free brunch the next weekend or a self-care treat.

Fitness watch


Summer travel is something we look forward to all year long. Although this year many of us will be keeping the travel plans local, commit to choosing healthier, nutritious options on your day trips and local adventures. This can be as simple as packing some healthy snacks or a nutritious lunch.

Healthy snacks


Have the healthiest summer yet by trying the 5 tips above for making fitness a part of your summer fun. Set summer fitness goals and explore a variety of summer activities to stay motivated. But remember to stay hydrated, wear your sunscreen, and get enough downtime to recover!



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