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Firefly Notes Case Study: Creating a New Holiday Tradition

Are you in the knitting community? Do you know someone who is? If so, you understand the pure passion of those who spend their time transforming yarn into cozy creations through the power of simple interlocking loops. You probably also understand the deep appeal of particularly well-made knitting accessories, like the kind Firefly Notes makes. These are folks who take “making beautiful things” extremely seriously. And this is the spirit that Firefly Notes founder, Sandy Bahrich, knew she needed to tap into when she made her stitch marker advent calendar with Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC).

firefly notes notions tins and yarn

Firefly Notes has been making notions tins and stitch markers for both wholesale and retail markets since 2008. Are you a stranger to the world of fibre? Well, a notion tin is for keeping knitting tools organized, and a stitch marker is slipped into a knitting needle to mark a place in the row. Sandy designs these tools and then handcrafts them with a small team in her Steveston, BC-based studio. Each tin is made in small batches with hand-poured non-toxic eco resin. Firefly’s stitch markers are immaculately collectible intricate designs rendered in high-quality enamel. Firefly’s unbelievably cute creations have been featured in VOGUE Knitting, Buzzfeed, Knit Simple, and more.

During the pandemic, Sandy got a particularly creative idea. What if Firefly made an advent calendar for their customers—with a twist? The nostalgia of this brightly printed holiday fixture would perfectly suit a big set of stitch markers. It would be a way of bringing daily joy to the fibre community that supported Firefly. She just knew she had to work with a packaging partner who would bring her vision to life with the most aesthetically outstanding results.

firefly notes advent calendar packaging

Enter GLBC. Sandy was impressed with the fact that this fellow Richmond-based company was so well-known for being a great employer. She connected with the team, created the calendar with them, and repeated the whole process the next year.

The Situation

Sandy knew the advent calendar had to be something truly special if it was going to bring daily joy to knitters, a group known for their love of beauty. It was important that it showed off Sandy’s designs in a way that suited their old-school, vintage style. If the calendar looked cheap or didn’t showcase the stitch markers in a functional way, it wouldn’t fly with her clientele.

The Solution

firefly notes advent calendar packaging

GLBC took the time to explain all of the possibilities to Firefly. They collaboratively decided on a folding carton printed with Sandy’s design, featuring cards that hold stitch markers. Each card was fixed into a compartment in the carton. The final product was visually striking, easy to handle, and irresistible to fibre enthusiasts.

The first year, the calendar sold out fast. The second year, Firefly doubled the order and sold out of that as well. Feedback from customers has been ecstatic and other similar companies have started to mimic the product.

The Result

GLBC’s work with Firefly Notes helped the company to:

  • Generate income: the calendar is now a best-seller for the company, making a big difference in their bottom line
  • Build customer loyalty: by making a product that brings so much joy to their clientele, Firefly has helped build their (already considerable) fandom
  • Protect their brand: creating a calendar that perfectly captures their visual identity has strengthened the Firefly brand

Firefly Notes doesn’t necessarily need GLBC’s help to create products that will dazzle their beauty-loving customers—but it’s a pleasure to be part of the process. If you understand the pure bliss of knitting or know someone else who does, check out this incredible BC company.




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