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Filling the Void with Greener Options

When it comes to reducing the void space inside boxes, there are many options out there and it can be overwhelming to select the right materials for your business. In this blog, we discuss greener options and provide examples of what type of protection can be right for your products. But first, what are some benefits of paper void fill?

• Affordable and Efficient
• Greener Option that is usually curbside recyclable
• Conformable to any shape you need to fill

To see if you need void fill, consider these questions:
1. Are my products fragile?
2. Are my products heavy?
3. Do my products have corners that could be damaged during transportation?
4. Does my package have excess space that is prone to movement during shipment?

To choose the appropriate product protection for your business depends on what you are shipping, how much space you need to fill, and the functionality you want from your cushioning material or void fill. Here is a list of the most common types of paper-based protection:

Corrugated Single Face Rolls
• Available in B Flute and C Flute. B Flute has a smaller profile than C Flute, offering comparable protection while taking less storage space
• Great option for layering between fragile items such as plates or for wrapping glassware
• Provides surface and corner protection

Corrugated Single Face Rolls

Kraft Paper Rolls
• Kraft brown paper is versatile and effective
• Helps reduce damage, save on shipping costs and is curbside recyclable
• Comes in 4 different weights from 30-60 lbs for a range of uses

Kraft Paper Rolls

• Clean newsprint sheets will not leave marks
• Offers protection against movement and shifting
• Ideal for wrapping and protecting glass and fragile items

Newsprint Sheets

Tissue Paper
• Provides beautiful package presentation when less protection is required
• Protects against rubbing and scratches in transport
• Thin, pliable and semi-translucent

Tissue Paper

GLBC carries a broad range of protective materials for your packaging. To find the best application for void fill, cushioning or protection and to ensure your products arrive safe, contact us today.

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