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Eminence Organic Skin Care: 60 Years of Advocating for Organic

Like many labours of love, Eminence Organic Skin Care and their origin story includes plenty of adversity. “While I was being treated for leukemia, my mom and grandmother fed me natural, organic, and biodynamic foods,” he explains. “I believe this was instrumental in overcoming cancer as a child and never relapsing.  Incorporating this quality of food into my diet became a lifestyle.”

Experiencing the potential benefits of organics at such a young age, Boldijarre was destined to become an advocate for wellness. He chose to channel his passion for organics into skin care because the women in his family had been estheticians for generations in Hungary.  These women had been trusting organic formulations with their clients for over 60 years and this family heritage remains a key part of Eminence today.


Although Boldijarre and his older brother Attila grew up in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, they decided to move to Vancouver, BC together after completing their post-secondary educations. Attila studied civil engineering and Boldijarre followed in the footsteps of his mother and grandmother to become an esthetician. When they arrived in Canada, Boldijarre began incorporating his organic skin care formulations into treatments at a small scale for his private clients.

“When we launched Eminence, we had a unique angle with our organic formulations. But people didn’t realize how beneficial this was compared to conventional ingredients. Skin care is deeply personal, and people are dedicated to what they’ve used for years, even if it’s not working for them.”

Eventually, market demand started to turn towards organic and natural products. Eminence gradually gained new customers through word of mouth. The company was positioned to grow steadily, and it did.

Through their experience, Boldijarre and Attila also discovered the importance of education. They started supporting their spa partners to better understand and use Eminence products. By equipping them to help their customers make the most of these skin care solutions, Eminence helped spas become more successful. It’s no surprise that spa professionals have voted Eminence as their “Favorite Skincare Line” and “Favorite Company for Product Education” for 14 years in a row at the American Spa Professional’s Choice Awards.

Supplying to spa professionals isn’t Eminence’s only sales channel; they’re also a thriving e-commerce company. Fifteen years ago, they connected with Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging to create their retail boxes and eventually their shipping boxes, which supports this branch of the business.

“Our passion for the environment is one of the reasons we initially connected with GLBC. As a Certified B Corporation ®, Eminence has strict standards that we choose to adhere to. GLBC is very accommodating to our requests, including sourcing sustainable Forest Stewardship Certified paper for our projects and printing with eco-friendly inks. Plus, some of these orders are shipped internationally, so it’s essential for the packaging to be structurally sound to maintain the integrity of our products. We’re thrilled with the support we receive from GLBC.”

In addition to helping spas thrive, Eminence is dedicated to giving back. They run the Eminence Kids Foundation, a charitable initiative that donates organic meals to seriously sick children. They have created the Green Spa Program, a system that rewards spas for introducing sustainable measures. And they are deservedly proud of their Forests for the Future™ initiative for tree planting and environmental restoration.


“We’re so proud of how we help people. Our products not only transform skin and help spa clients feel more confident, but we also support the careers of countless spa professionals. Beyond this, we help children in our communities, plant trees, and help to heal the planet! I’m proud to share that through Forests for the Future, we recently reached the milestone of 24 million trees planted!”

We’re also proud to be part of what Eminence Organic Skin Care does. As fellow long-term supporters of a more sustainable way of doing business, it’s a pleasure to be partners.

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