Did you know that the Canadian e-commerce industry will deliver products to approximately 30 million online shoppers in 2024? And that experts predict the overall growth rate of the global
ecommerce market will be 8.95% between 2024 and 2028?

As a rapidly growing trend, we know that e-commerce is more important than ever and has largely increased the need for corrugated (cardboard) packaging.

Every day, plainly packaged boxes are sent by companies to avoid theft. While plain packaging can help ensure a box reaches their rightful owner, it can lack a “Wow!” factor for the customer on the receiving end.

Learn some tips and tricks on how Great Little Box Company (GLBC) can help you “wow” your customers when they open their online package.

Overall Customer Experience

Packaging has the potential to largely affect your customer’s online experience. Purchasing something online is the first part of the experience, but opening that package and holding the product is where the physical experience begins.

After an online purchase, factors that affect the customer experience include: how easy the package was to open, how much secondary content the package contains, cost-effective shipping methods, and ensuring instructions are easy to find within the box.

Remember, in store needs of a customer are different than online needs!

Packaging Solutions


Online Packaging Solutions

In order to meet your customer’s online needs, ensure you follow these measures:

Intelligent packaging

  • This packaging contains 2 levels of interaction to increase customer engagement. Generally this type of packaging involves the ability to sense or measure an attribute of the product or the inside atmosphere of the packaging.

Active packaging

  • This type of packaging includes active functions beyond the inert passive containment and product protection.

Rigid packaging

  • This can include plastic injections, blow mold, thermoform, and/or compression molding.

Remember to always differentiate your product!

Packaging consumer products

Understanding Your Customer’s Needs

One of the biggest consumer needs today is for products to be shipped in smaller packages without reducing the quantity of the order.

Depending on what your customer’s needs are, compression methods that won’t damage the product can be used. Just remember, don’t lose your brand identity when reducing your packaging size!

Reducing packaging size


Make Your Product Memorable

To encourage repeat orders, make your product memorable! Some ways to make your packaging stand out include:

  • Interior box print impacts the “unboxing” experience
  • Beautiful folding cartons and retail boxes can create a luxurious feel
  • Tissue paper and custom label enclosures add brand elements
  • A custom message in your package with helpful information.
  • Additional information, such as adding a recipe with a food product.
  • Thank you notes, coupons, and samples also add value to your package.
  • Reward customers loyalty by adding a little something extra within the packaging.

Remember, what you put inside your package is important and gives you a chance to interact with your customer!

"Thank You" letter


Packaging Protection

To ensure your product arrives to your customer undamaged, always include protective packaging. After all, the main job of a package is to protect the product! The package must be durable enough to endure the whole supply chain, ending off at the customer’s doorstep.

At GLBC, we have 20 years of experience in helping our customers with protective packaging. Our specialized protective packaging materials include:

  • Cushion package including protective foam packaging
  • Paper-based honeycomb packaging
  • Corrugated fiberboard packaging
  • Compostable packaging peanuts
  • Antistatic and recycled content foam rolls
  • Antistatic and recycled content bubble wrap

We can provide you a protective packaging solution for the best value that looks great and performs better!

GLBC’s E-commerce solutions


If you are interested in learning more about GLBC’s e-commerce solutions, click the link provided! Or call one of our Packaging Specialist today.  https://www.glbc.com/industries/e-commerce


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