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Di Morelli: Skincare Only a Doctor Could Provide

How do you ensure that your “medical-grade skincare” line lives up to its name, year after year? If the line in question is Di Morelli Skin Care Products, it certainly helps if your formulator is still a practicing doctor with a thriving medical aesthetic clinic.

There’s a reason why both Di Morelli and the Vancouver-based Medical Rejuvenation Centre are so well known and trusted. The man behind them, Dr. Robert Morrell, has been a passionate practitioner of non-surgical rejuvenation for decades now. Both skincare line and clinic reflect the priorities of their founder: they’re fixated on “measurable and visible results”.

Dr. Morrell explains: “When we first looked at our products, we wanted each one of them to be standalone and results-oriented. If you look into the literature with respect to these products, the active ingredients can be seen to produce specific results that are scientifically-proven.”

Customer Story - Di Morelli - Dr Morell

But, if “measurable and visible results” are the first priority, “natural” is a close second for Di Morelli products. Dr. Morrell says that whenever he has the opportunity to use naturally sourced ingredients, he’ll always choose it over a lab-created synthetic option.

Di Morelli’s Vitamin C Serum for Face and Eye is just one example of how it all comes together. Dr. Morell’s excitement when he describes the way the product works is infectious.

“We are very fortunate because I think we’ve got one of the best Vitamin C products in the world,” he says. “It is unique in every aspect.”

But what makes it the best?

He explains: “Number one, it is an antioxidant; it prevents free radicals from the sun from causing damage to your DNA. Number two, it acts along a synthetic pathway to block pigmentation (dark spots). Number three, it helps dissolve the dark spots that are already there. Lastly, it also acts as a stimulant to the fibroblasts that are responsible for producing collagen and elastin that produce more of that thicker, healthier dermis.”

Di Morelli Vitamin C Serum with box on the side

With such intentionality behind every product, understanding how each one works greatly enhances the Di Morelli experience. That’s why it’s important for the company to offer approachable education to its customers. In the era of online shopping, it’s often a challenge figuring out how to provide that. When you aren’t facilitating one-on-one time with an aesthetician in a storefront, how do you educate customers?

Teresita Barbou, Di Morelli’s General Manager, explains that the company has invested extra attention in creating an online presence that bridges the gap. “We provide as much information as we can online, especially in the form of videos. We have specialists available over phone and email. And Dr. Morrell and our other skincare specialists are always updating the website.”

While investing in this robust online presence, Di Morelli also engaged in a rebranding process that Great Little Box Company (GLBC) was fortunate enough to have supported. It was important that customers had enough product information, colours were gender-neutral, and the branding reflected the company’s modern sensibilities.

Teresita says the entire process was made easier and more fun by GLBC’s accessibility and transparency. “We would go to GLBC’s facilities, see the process, and approve every step. We loved that we could pick up the phone and meet for coffee anytime.”

It’s a relationship that will surely grow stronger as Di Morelli continues its journey of connecting more people with “measurable and visible results.” When you ask Dr. Morrell and Teresita what’s ahead, the vision is clear: international expansion, while retaining the company’s measurable and visible results values.

Customer Story - Di Morelli - Group Photo

“Our vision is to become a global entity in aesthetic yet medical-grade skincare,” says Dr. Morrell. “Already, we’re shipping to two different continents and we ship to eight or nine different countries throughout the world. Our production goal is to expand that. Our other goal is to maintain quality, and also to watch for where and when we can decrease our environmental footprint.”

It’s a vision that’s all too easy for us to support.

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