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The People Who Care For People: Abi Escalante, Customer Solutions Coordinator

Abi Escalante is a Customer Solutions Coordinator in the Corrugated & Industrial Packaging Division at our Richmond, BC location. She’s been with GLBC for 15 years, so she’s no stranger to growth and change. Although she is a self-described shy person by nature, Abi has a knack with people that has made her a tremendous asset in customer support.

Customer Support: Abi Escalante, Customer Solutions Coordinator


How long have you worked in customer service?

Before GLBC I worked as a receptionist for a music school, so I had experience dealing with students and their parents. But I’ve been with GLBC for 15 years.

Why did you choose to work in customer service?

I’m naturally a shy person, so I wanted a role to help with that. When I started doing this work, I began coming out of my shell. My job gave me an opportunity to not only grow as a person, but also in my customer service skills.

What are some keys to your success?

I always appreciate it when customer service reps are their most authentic selves with customers and their coworkers. I do my best to ensure my customers know that I am sincere, and they know the real me. Also, communication is key! That’s true for all relationships.

What interests you most about your job?

I really like entering challenging orders and ensuring they run smoothly through production.

What do you find most rewarding about customer service?

Helping customers with a challenge is very rewarding. I appreciate being there to help them with orders and requests, and really coming through for them.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

It’s very challenging when things happen that are out of our control! If there are supplier delays or shipment delays, there isn’t too much we can do about it. But how you handle it is key. So, again, that’s where communication and customer support comes in. You may not always have an answer right away, but letting customers know you’re on it goes a long way!

What’s your favourite GLBC memory?

The foosball tournaments were great. I met lots of new friends from all departments there. Also, anytime food is involved, it’s a good time for me.


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