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The People Who Care For People: Jane Evans, Customer Solutions Coordinator

Jane Evans is a Customer Solutions Coordinator in the Corrugated & Industrial Packaging Division. A new hire in 1994, she has seen an incredible number of changes over the years. Jane is truly rooted in a people-centred way of getting the job done. Whether it’s showing kindness and care to a customer, or collaborating enthusiastically with team-mates, Jane is all about people.

Customer Solutions Coordinator – Jane Evans

Have you worked in any other divisions?

As well as admin I worked in Folding Carton for a bit. But I’ve mostly specialized in corrugated.

How long have you worked in customer service?

Almost 30 years. Before Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC), I sold fitness equipment with a company called Centaur. When a new school or community center was being built, we would outfit the whole gym. We also specialized in equipment for private gyms, such as Fitness World. It was when the fitness boom really started. Before that, I worked for a medical supply company. I loved the fitness company, but the company was going through financial difficulties at the time. A colleague of mine from Centaur got a job with GLBC and told me there was a position open, and I should apply. So, I did and here we are.

Why did you choose customer service?

When I got the job, I loved it because it was so varied. We had so much input into the processes; with customers, we had so much communication. I could do a sample and have it to a customer the same day. We did lots of sales then and now that we have grown so much, we are part of a larger team that services our customers. And the team aspect we have now is really nice. When I took a holiday before, it took me days to prepare, and weeks to catch up when I came back. Now I have a team that supports me.

What are your keys to success?

You have to be organized being a customer solutions coordinator. You have to act quickly and know what your priorities are. Having a good relationship with your sales rep is important. Know that you’re on the same page. You need good rapport.

What interests you most about your work?

The amount of product that’s out there…I was in the lunchroom and checking out a Tim Hortons box and thinking about how it was made. I do that all the time, even though it’s so weird. Manufacturing is just so interesting to me. Sometimes things go wrong. Machines break down, staff get sick, but we persevere and get the job done. I find it so super interesting the way we can go from an idea to a finished product.

What do you find the most rewarding about your job?

It used to be rapport with customers, but now it’s just important to be a good team member. You definitely have to be a team player in this job.

What are your biggest challenges and how do you overcome them?

There are so many, especially with all the system changes we’ve had. You’re going to run into machine breakdowns and board being late. Just being upfront with your customers can be hard.

What advice would you have given yourself 15 years ago?

Be patient. Be accurate. Be kind. Learn. Make relationships with customers.

What’s your favourite memory of working at GLBC?

I have to say—and I hope it will happen again—the last Mexico trip we went on, we had a beach party. Everyone was dancing. Everyone was together. It was so much fun. I said, “They can’t top this!”

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