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Designing the Best Custom Prawn Boxes to Build Your Business

If you work in the seafood industry, you know that the market for prawns is poised to grow significantly over the next few years. After the disruptions of COVID-19, the business of cultivating and selling these remarkably nutritious crustaceans finally rebounded, thanks to recent developments in the industry. An emerging demand for healthy, protein-rich food and new techniques—especially those that are making prawn farming more sustainable—is responsible for this growth.

With growth comes new market players. And with new market players comes increased competition. And with increased competition comes a need to produce exceptional branding.

That’s why we put together this post about nailing the design for an extremely important component of your prawn branding: packaging your product with cartons. Below, we’ve listed the most essential considerations for designing your prawn box, based on our considerable industry experience.

Are your visuals as attractive & attention-getting as possible?

Consider your product: one of its main selling points is that it is incredibly appetizing to the seafood lover. Do your visuals showcase your prawns in such a way that it makes your customers hungry just to see them? Look at this example:


Don’t the vivid colours make the product pop? Or consider this example:


The elegant design clearly communicates the premium nature of these prawns.

Is your packaging doing enough to sell the product?

Of course, you have to fulfill industry-specific requirements for your label and packaging (nutritional information, weight, etc.), but have you considered other product-marketing elements? Once again, you want to emphasize the appetizing nature of your prawns. Why not add a recipe or two? Or perhaps include some instructions on how to prepare the prawns so that they are as delicious as possible?

Have you taken the opportunity to tell a story?

You hear it often these days, and your industry is no exception: stories sell. What aspect of your prawn business lends itself to a story that communicates the value of your product? Does your company have an interesting origin story? Is your product sustainable, and how so? Knowing that consumers are valuing prawns for their nutritional value, how can you tell a story that drives home the healthiness of your prawns?

Do you have a compelling slogan?

Did you know that 50% of consumers say they rely on a company’s slogan to understand its purpose? Think about what value your prawns deliver to your customers (e.g., nutrition, great flavour, an environmentally sustainable source of protein) and distill that into a short, catchy phrase. It’s more powerful than you might think.

Are you choosing sustainable packaging materials?

As we’ve said a few times in this post, we know that the prawn market is turning towards sustainable choices. But did you know that, across all industries that use consumer-facing packaging, 67% of Americans say that paper and cardboard make a product more attractive? Make the most eco-friendly choice you can, and your customers will reward you for it.

In an industry that’s finally gathering steam after a period of pandemic-driven upsets, you want to position your product to succeed. Capitalize on trends in the prawn market towards health and sustainability and you’ll reap the benefits. Attractive imagery, creative labelling, story-driven selling, compelling slogans, and sustainable materials will all contribute to a prawn box that builds your business.

If there’s anything you want to discuss with us, reach out! We love working with clients in the seafood industry—and we’ve always got ideas for growing your business through packaging.



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