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Creative Packaging: The Craft Beer Holiday Countdown Calendar

Here at Great Little Box, we were so excited about the holidays we started preparing creative packaging for Christmas in August.

One of our favourite creative packaging projects came to us from our beer-genius and innovative client, Phillips Brewing Company. They wanted a creative package that would allow people to count down the days to Christmas, while enjoying a refreshing Philips beer! They presented us with the idea of a designing a beer case advent calendar, dubbed the “Snowcase”. Because what better way to count down the holidays than with a different craft beer for 24 days?!

Great Little Box Company designed and manufactured 3500 beer cases with perforated circular holes in the top numbered 1 – 24 leading up to Christmas day. The Phillip’s Snowcase Calendar, was released in the last week of October and nearly sold out by the first week of November.

If you can’t find one of the remaining few Snowcases in liquor stores around Vancouver, here are a few creative tips to help you create your own advent calendar to count down the holidays.

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