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From Homebrews to Homeruns: A Craft Beer Packaging Journey, Part Six

We wrote five posts (Here’s Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, and Part Five) to tell the technically fictional but quite realistic story of Sarah Thompson and David Miller and their craft beer packaging journey. Over the course of these five posts, they go from idealistic beer lovers to owners of a growing craft beer empire.

Why did we do this? Because we know entrepreneurs—we’ve worked with plenty of them. We know that they log many hours of dreaming, learning, and planning before they ever take that first big step. They need to imagine the details of the venture they’re considering in order to get the courage to start up. And when it comes to packaging craft beer, we know all about those details. We told this story in order to give entrepreneurs—maybe like you?—a sense of what the packaging part of their journey might look like.

What can we say? We really love entrepreneurs. It’s been such a pleasure to work with so many ingenious, passionate, and tenacious people, especially in the dynamic sector of craft beer. If we can help a few more would-be entrepreneurs to realize their dreams, that just feels good.

So, to finish up this series and provide a quick blueprint for the craft beer packaging journey, we’re sharing the stages of Sarah and David’s story, from start to finish.

Part One: The Big Idea

David is a Business Admin grad, a marketing professional, and a homebrewer who gets to know Sarah, a former chef, at beer-tasting events. They both dream of launching a craft beer business, and Sarah has the perfect unique angle: a line of beers that are based on food recommendations. Together, they have the right complement of skills to form a winning partnership. Ultimately, they take the recipes they developed in Sarah’s kitchen and open up a space, where they begin to sell their product out of kegs.

Part Two: Starting Up with Labelled Cans

Your Beer - Labels

The partners decide to start putting their product into cans, the first step to becoming retail-ready. They translate their Pacific Northwest-inspired visual brand—complete with a lumberjack—into labels. They work with Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC) to pick materials and an adhesion process that will guarantee robust results, enabling their cans to go the distance.

Part Three: Moving into Retail with Trays and Multipacks 

David and Sarah are ready for the world of retail—in fact, they’re a little too ready. They realize they need to move their product into interested liquor stores 66% faster than their original timeline. Fortunately, GLBC is good to go. They come up with an eco-friendly solution for shipping three types of beers to various outlets: corrugated beer trays and a folding carton multipack box. They’re stackable, reusable, recyclable, and even include a game that customers can play on the bottom side of the trays.

Part Four: Expanding their Retail Presence with POPs

Retail is going well, and the partners want to keep the momentum going. The best way to do this is through Point of Purchase displays. Together with GLBC, they make two: a case stacker and a floor display with dump bin. The case stacker sits on the floor, holding nine of the trays they already made, making a big impression on liquor store shoppers. The floor display holds the multipack box and the dump bin holds products like t-shirts and beer cozies, spreading major brand awareness. Both POPs give them a big bump in sales and more engagement online.

Part Five: Building their Empire with Seasonal Packaging

With a thriving brewery and growing retail distribution, David and Sarah are feeling on top of the world. They have the bright idea to create a holiday-inspired, digitally printed multipack that also functions as an advent calendar, giving their brand fans a beer every day of Christmas. This gives them a big boost over the holidays.

Need a Packaging Partner to Help you Build your Craft Beer Empire?  

can, cartons, displays for beer

We really enjoyed telling David and Sarah’s story and we hope you got more than a little insight into packaging a craft beer brand out of it. As we said, it’s a fictional tale, but it’s also one that’s inspired by the craft beer founders we’ve worked with. When the beer is good, the path to growth tends to look the same way, at least when it comes to packaging.

If you’re feeling extra inspired, or maybe just want to keep researching and planning, feel free to strike up a conversation with us. We love just chatting and answering questions. And of course, we love being part of an entrepreneurial journey. To become part of yours would be such a pleasure. Reach out anytime!


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