Pandemic Response Plan at GLBC

March 24, 2020

Updated Apr 22, 2020


GLBC to remain open as an essential service

Due to the recent announcement of the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order’ from Washington Governor, Jay Inslee,  Great Little Box Company (GLBC) is able to report that our packaging manufacturing is an essential service and we are able to not only continue manufacturing but also serve you from our Everett branch location.

Our top priority during these challenging times continues to be our employees and customers’ health and safety. We are working in line with recommendations from local authorities as we continue to review and execute on our pandemic response plan.

These are truly uncharted times and we are learning and adapting alongside our community and customers as we navigate this pandemic together.  Our goal is to keep everyone safe while ensuring our customers can continue to provide their essential goods and services.


GLBC Current Pandemic Response Plan 

The Great Little Box Company (GLBC) is taking every step possible to ensure customers and staff are safe and healthy every day. The company has been actively monitoring the evolving impact of COVID-19 and is continuously making proactive changes to our business to uphold our health and safety values. We would like to share with you a few key items that we are doing to assure service and product safety and quality.


GLBC is manufacturing and open for business but premises are temporarily closed to guests

While we are open to serve you via email and phone, in the interest of your safety and our employee’s GLBC Premises are temporarily closed to all guests as we proactively follow government recommendations. However, any non-GLBC personnel, such as contractors, are required to complete a health self-assessment prior to visiting a GLBC facility. If there are any YES’s, they are asked to re-schedule their visit.

GLBC staff complete a daily screening, which asks questions about flu-like symptoms and potential exposures to COVID-19 cases. When they arrive at work, managers and supervisors will do a temperature check to further assess their health. If there are any concerns with the staff’s health, they are immediately re-directed to 24/7 medical consulting professional, who will advise if the person is fit for work, or if they must isolate until they are symptom-free.

Although our doors are closed, we are still manufacturing and remain committed to providing our usual high level of customer service during this unprecedented time.  Please call our reception 1-800-661-3377 or your preferred GLBC contact if you have questions.


Order Pickup & Delivery

If you are picking up an order or making a delivery please arrange in advance and notify us when you have arrived and we will come outside to meet you.


Pandemic Taskforce and Response Plan:

GLBC has formed a Pandemic Taskforce, who meet on a regular basis to develop business continuity, communication and operational plans based on facts provided by reliable government sources. Through this taskforce, a pandemic response plan is implemented and updated to ensure the company can continue normally through the event. The pandemic response plan is an everchanging document that is revised as facts and regulations are disseminated by government and health officials to ensure it is relevant and effective.


Sanitation Practices in GLBC Production:

Products manufactured by GLBC follow strict food safety standards, including employee hygiene, sanitation and package contamination. GLBC delivery drivers also follow these food safety standards to ensure product quality when it is delivered to customers. The company has implemented measures against the pandemic, such as enhanced sanitation schedules for commonly used areas, weekly safety training to educate staff on COVID-19 and preventative measures against it, setting policies for travel and self-monitoring.

The main GLBC manufacturing facility in Richmond is food-safe certified, so personnel hygiene policies have already been implemented. In response to COVID-19, the company has invested in hands-free door openers, increased sanitation, segregated production space to ensure physical distancing, automatic hand soap dispensers and a 24/7 medical consulting professional to ensure our staff start work safe and healthy every day.


Supply Chain Management:

GLBC wants to assure all customers that we are taking every possible measure to ensure our supply chain is not affected. We are working with vendors to verify that raw materials and supplies can be secured at this time. GLBC sources supplies from different North American vendors with multiple operational facilities, so the risk of material shortage is low at this moment. Our procurement teams are looking into alternative suppliers if our normal vendors cannot meet the needs that we require during this event. Finally, we will be forming industry partnerships in order to support each other when the need arises. Our supply chain can change as more information is released on the pandemic, so please contact your GLBC representative if you have questions about product inventory.



Brad Tindall