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The Beautiful World of Cosmetic Packaging

We’re sure that packaging isn’t the first thing you think about when shopping for cosmetics. Some cosmetic packaging may grab your eye, but when it comes down to it you’re more worried about if the product actually works or not. Although packaging may not be top of mind when choosing your cosmetics, it really can make it or break it.

So it’s that time again… time for another innovative packaging round up! Cosmetic packaging has come a long way in recent years, so we wanted to share some new, creative and fresh designs for cosmetic packaging with you:

Colgate Toothpaste:

cosmetic packaging

cosmetic packaging

Nicole Pannuzzo, a design student from Arizona State University decided to redesign the oldest commercial toothpaste brand, Colgate. The origami inspired packaging has a spiral tube to that continues to push the toothpaste to the top, not wasting a drop.

Paul & Joe: Feline Lipstick

cosmetic packaging

We love these feline shaped lipsticks from Paul & Joe – because who doesn’t love cats?! The silly design and radiant packaging of the tubes leaves a mark for the brand and gives it a unique, 70’s inspired feel.

Stop The Water While Using Me

cosmetic packaging

There are brands out there that offer products with elaborate, colourful packaging, while others are simplistic. We appreciate both kinds of packaging (well, we love ALL packaging, really…) but we really like the brand “Stop The Water While Using Me” designed by KOREFE. In terms of innovation with this product, the message is the brand.  For sustainability, the message promotes an ecologically aware society and environmental protection – which we love.

Stila Cosmetics:

cosmetic packaging

Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging– this high end cosmetic packaging designed by Stila Cosmetics, created a 3-piece telescoping container with a rolled edge top, shaker rotor, and die-cut panels to provide customers with a different view of product labeling. The product is visually appealing, creative and sustainable.

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