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Believing in Great People- GLBC’s Guide to Great Company Culture

Just last week, the Great Little Box Company team learned some great news- GLBC had been named by Forbes Magazine as one of the “5 Great Companies that Got Corporate Culture Right.” We are thrilled to be recognized for our commitment to corporate culture, along with Netflix, Meltwater, Warby Parker and SolarCity.

At GLBC, we are proud of the company we have created and the culture that has developed from our wonderful employee’s. Here are just a few ways Great Little Box has fostered a positive workplace culture over the past 35 years.

Believing in great people

Above all else, GLBC believes that great people make all the difference. We value our hardworking and dedicated team members. In addition, we encourage ongoing skills training, as well as career and personal development. We pride ourselves on designing a company that reinforces commitment to employee empowerment, motivation, and success.

Great Corporate Culture: A Guide From GLBC


Family first

When GLBC opened its doors in 1982, the company had only 3 employees. Fast-forward to 2017, GLBC employ’s over 200 workers from countries around the world. Throughout our growth and expansion, we have always strived to maintain a family feeling. Whether that is through family-friendly holiday celebrations, open houses, or simply having the flexibility to pick up their child at the end of a school day, we believe that having a family culture at work keeps employees connected to what is most important.

Great Corporate Culture: A Guide From GLBC 

Rewards where rewards are due

GLBC believes in celebrating all successes, big or small, corporate or personal. One way we do this is through an incentive program to reward employees with money-saving ideas. If a GLBC employee can create a cost-saving idea, GLBC will offer a bonus. GLBC also celebrates its annual profitability target, also known as the “Big Outrageous Xtravaganza” goal or “BOX” goal. Employees are rewarded with three additional days off and all an all-expense-paid vacation to a sunny destination.

Great Corporate Culture: A Guide From GLBC


The bottom line

At our core, GLBC believes that strong culture makes for a strong bottom line. Our offices are filled with energy, collaboration, creativity, and passion. Even during long days or challenging projects, our employees help, energize and motivate one another. Developing a positive workplace makes for happier employees. Happy employees can have a significant impact on company success.

Great Corporate Culture: A Guide From GLBC


Good corporate culture stems from making employees a priority. It works hard to engage and support employees, making them feel valued and appreciated. That, in turn, translates to true employee engagement and workers who are happier and more connected to the workplace.

Read more about GLBC’s company culture in Forbes Magazine!

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