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Copow Foods: On a Mission to Make Home Delivery Meals Colourful & Powerful

Copow Foods is one of those brilliant businesses that would have looked quite different if it hadn’t been launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a home delivery meal service company, they’re bringing restaurant-quality, highly nutritious, in-season food straight to consumers. But, according to founder and CEO Evie Fatz, Copow’s colourful, powerful food could have been experienced in a totally different setting: the airport.

Copow foods ceo evie fatz posing for a photo in head office
Copow Foods – Founder and CEO Evie Fatz

“We were looking to fill a void in the nutritional world,” Evie explains. “You know how in airports you’re left with two choices, fast food or ‘health food’ that nobody wants? My vision was to bring high-quality, nutritious, colourful food that would help people eat right without even knowing it to this world. But then COVID-19 happened.”

Of course, with an unprecedented drop in air travel, the airport wasn’t looking like the best place to launch a venture. Evie and her team had originally planned to build brand recognition for the business in airports and then move into delivering direct to consumers at home. But, when circumstances change, positioning a business needs to change as well.

Which is exactly what Evie and her team did exceptionally well. “With people sticking closer to home, and less going out to restaurants, Copow brought good-quality food right to their homes.”

Telling the story of how Copow is different from other prepared meal companies came down to providing consumers with an experience, not just a meal. “People think of home delivery meals and they think ‘boring, bland meals…glorified tv dinners’. But Copow is about an experience,” explains Evie.

Copow Foods meals stacked on table
Copow Foods: Delicious Meals Delivered Right to Your Door

What’s that experience? Eating food that you are actually excited about eating. Eating food that makes you feel amazing because it happens to be as nutritious as it is delicious. Enjoying at-home food that fits into a deeply enjoyable lifestyle.

To communicate this experience, Evie knew the packaging had to be just right. “I wanted it to feel as exciting as opening up an Apple product. You know, when you savour opening the box and then the product inside is just as thrilling?”

To pull this off, Evie worked with Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC) to create a shipping box that looks like a mini-fridge. When you open the “fridge” you discover a tower of meals stacked so they fit perfectly inside. Taking out a meal, you find its lovely presentation still intact after delivery.

“With other prepared meal companies, you get something that looks like it’s been tossed around. Sauce smeared on the film; jostled meals you hardly get excited about eating. Our meals look beautiful when you receive them, thanks to this packaging.”

Copow Foods meal kits for kids

The process of creating the packaging was about a 9-month course of trial and error that resulted in a 2022 American Packaging Design Award from Graphic Design USA. “While the process was complex and time-consuming, GLBC made the experience as painless as possible because we had one point of contact, even though our project involved multiple departments. Our folding carton packaging specialist was super supportive and helped make a complex process as simple as possible.”

Part of the process also involved designing a different line of packaging for the meals that Copow donates to charity each month. The company donates one meal to the organization “The Just One Project” for every meal sold.

“We wanted to bring dignity and a great experience to the food-deprived people in Las Vegas that this organization serves. So, GLBC helped us to create packaging for that endeavor with a lower price point. That was so helpful.”

Evie and her team, which started out as her husband, sister, and a chef, are growing to meet the demands of nationwide delivery, which is slated for 2022. “We’re so grateful to be able to build our team as a family from the ground up. Creating this family business, especially at a time when there’s so much disconnection, has been really rewarding.”

Copow is indeed one of the more colourful, powerful companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Check out their meal plans and enjoy the experience!

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