CHOCXO Case Study: Happy-Making Chocolate, Packaged Quickly and Ethically

As a general rule, chocolate makes us feel good. But what if there was chocolate that made everybody who had anything to do with it—from cacao farmers to consumers—truly happy?

That’s the idea behind CHOCXO (pronounced Choc-SOO), a company that we’ve partnered with since their founding in 2015. From day one, their delectable treats have been Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Keto certified and SQF Level 3 Certified. But pretty soon, the company started thinking bigger. What about ethically sourced cacao? What about thoroughly eco-friendly manufacturing practices?

Taking control of every aspect of a product to ensure not only its quality but its ethical soundness, involves big challenges. As we’ve worked with CHOCXO, we’ve helped them navigate the ones specific to packaging. And we’re all proud of the solutions we’ve come up with.

Pink custom corrugated display made for chocolate brand ChocXO

The Situation

When you’re making chocolate as desirable as CHOCXO’s (85% Cacao ChocKETO Snaps, anybody?), demand is bound to be high. And that’s the situation CHOCXO has found itself in. So, how do you meet demand while maintaining rigorously ethical and eco-friendly standards?

One piece of the puzzle was fully automating their chocolate production and packaging. By taking full control over that stage, the company could ensure alignment with its values. This was a project we were happy to help with; we love solving problems, especially when they result in more ethical and eco-friendly solutions!

The Solution

CHOCXO sourced the right type of automatic machinery in Germany last year. This capital investment would allow them to produce chocolate faster. It would also package the products, box them, and palletize them for shipping across North America.

Before purchasing the machinery, it was necessary to test it. GLBC provided a case-forming box to try out. We shipped a small run of samples to Germany. When everybody was satisfied with the results, CHOCXO purchased the equipment.

When the machinery arrived, GLBC and CHOCXO started another round of experimentation. The idea was to push the new asset further and manufacture litho laminated instead of flexo-printed boxes. This would allow for more sophisticated custom printing.

After a few research and development iterations, GLBC created litho laminated case-forming packaging that the fully automated packaging line could produce. The new packaging solution has been in full swing for well over a year now.

The result 

Their automated production and packaging process allowed CHOCXO to take control of the essential aspects of their company. GLBC’s support of this process has helped the company to:

  • Increase efficiency:  automation reduces waste
  • Meet demand:  the machinery allows for a higher level of production, allowing CHOCXO to satisfy its growing number of fans
  • Protect their brand values:  total control over production and packaging allows the company to ensure that these processes are maximally eco-friendly
  • Lower costs:  practicing ethical sourcing and choosing eco-friendly solutions is an investment; automation helps reduce costs so the company can better make this investment

picture of two custom corrugated displays made for ChocXO's keto and almond butter cups chocolates

We love partnering with companies that have big hearts and huge visions for doing business better. CHOCXO is a prime example of this type of partner. We fully support their quest to make more ethical sourcing decisions and practice eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging.

We also love it when a partner presents us with a technical challenge, a fun problem to solve. And the process of moving CHOCXO to fully automated production and packaging has certainly engaged our passionate team of problem-solvers to the fullest. We’re really proud of the results. Ethical chocolate lovers are happy, cacao farmers are happy, CHOCXO is happy…and we’re honoured to be part of all of that happiness.