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When did GLBC influence you?

This is often a question we like to ask friends and family. Great Little Box manufactures boxes, labels and packaging for some of Canada’s most well known brands. So chances are you’ve come into contact with GLBC’s handiwork, if not been influenced by our creations over the years. If you vote in BC, you would … Continued

GLBC News, Hot off the Press

Thinking Inside The Ballot Box

GLBC on Business In Vancouver Global BC Australia have voted, and Tony Abbott has emerged victorious, becoming the country’s 28th Prime Minister. It seems as though it was just yesterday that the GLBC team were assembling and distributing our ballot boxes across BC for the Provincial elections! Did you know Great Little Box produced around … Continued

GLBC News, Hot off the Press

How To Be a Great Leader

Business in Vancouver’s 2013 Business Excellence Series talks to experts about what it takes to be a great leader and how to cultivate those characteristics within yourself that will inspire others to follow. Robert Meggy, CEO & President of Great Little Box, has built an award winning company that has been consistently listed in Maclean’s … Continued

GLBC News, Hot off the Press

A New Arrival

Unfortunately, not of the Royal baby variety, although at GLBC this new arrival was met with a celebratory fanfare worthy of a royal reception. As for our baby’s name, we don’t think this will be on Kate and Will’s list of potentials. So without further ado the paperboard team at GLBC is excited to uncrate … Continued

GLBC News, Hot off the Press

Intergenerational collaboration in the work place

At Great Little Box Company, we’ve noticed that some of the most successful working relationships are world’s apart – generational worlds apart that is.  Inspired by the XYBoom conference that we spoke at recently, our team thought about a GLBC example where different generations are collaborating successfully. Take for example, Lynda (baby boomer) and Jen … Continued

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