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Case Study: Silver Valley Brewing – Labels that Demand Attention

The Maple Ridge, BC-based Silver Valley Brewing has a brand built on surprises and captivating labels. Don’t let the fact that it was founded by self-proclaimed “nerds and neat people” out of a carport fool you. Silver Valley Brewing has serious flair. And that’s never more obvious than when you’re checking out their labels.

Of course, the carport looms large in the brand’s identity. A business founded out of a neighbourhood hangout spot is bound to have a laidback, unpretentious personality. Founder and Brewer Kevin Fulton started Silver Valley first as a place to make and share beer with friends. But then, it seems, “being ridiculously stubborn about what we like and how we feel things should be done” took over. The brewing got serious, and the beers got downright delicious.

Case Study - Silver Valley Brewing Tasting Room
Case Study – Silver Valley Brewing Tasting Room

Today, Silver Valley Brewing produces many varieties of beers, from IPAs to Stouts and Sours. Their tasting room has a constantly changing rotation of brews and a stellar, satisfying menu. Their Traditional English Ales are a local favourite. In fact, they just won the 2021 Downtown Maple Ridge Business Award for Favorite Liquor Store/Brewery/Pub.

Silver Valley Brewing has earned its status as a beloved local business that’s only getting started when it comes to broader distribution. We know that as they grow, their exceptional labels are going to help them gain major ground. To put it simply, these are labels that absolutely demand attention. It’s our privilege to print them for these “ridiculously stubborn nerds” who know how things should be done.

The Situation

Looking at a Silver Valley Brewing label is like taking a peep into a different, more exciting world. Bright colours. Fantastical images. Psychedelic designs. It’s a trip and it’s a truly fun one.

When you invest in this intentionally eye-catching design, you need to ensure the physical printed results are outstanding. Why take a label so far, only to squander its potential at the final phase?

Case Study - Silver Valley Brewing Labels
Case Study – Silver Valley Brewing Labels

The Solution

If Silver Valley Brewing is run by nerds, so is Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC). Kevin and his team say that there’s a certain way to do things, and we couldn’t agree more. He knows what an English Ale should taste like—and we know what a boldly coloured, intricately designed label should look like once it’s printed.

After all, the printing stage is where everything should come together. The colours/graphics need to pop and never bleed, the details need to be sharp, and the textures need to be inviting.

The key to all of this is the right equipment.  Silver Valley Brewing labels fit best on a high-end digital HP printer that can capture their outstanding graphics and detail and that also delivers fast turnarounds for their growing business.


Case Study - Silver Valley Brewing Labels
Case Study – Silver Valley Brewing Labels

The Result

 GLBC’s work with Silver Valley Brewing helped the company to:

  • Get outstanding labels: their printed results match the incredible standard set by their eye-catching designs.
  • Grow the brand: we’ve worked with them since the carport days and their labels are helping them to gain broader distribution.

The relationship between Silver Valley and GLBC is one of collaborating together and driving better results. We love it when a seemingly humble business proves its power, which Silver Valley is doing every day. As they do so, we know they’ll be looking their bold, colourful, and captivating best.

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