Bubble Cushioning 102

Closeup of plastic bubble wrap

It’s no surprise that bubble cushioning has stood the test of time – it’s one of the most universal protective solutions out there. But what makes it so great? We’re glad you asked! We’ve summed up its many uses and strengths for you.

Bubble cushioning comes in all shapes and sizes – which makes it one of the most versatile protective packaging solutions out there. Take a look below for a quick lesson on the standard sizes of bubble and its variety of useful applications.

Applications: Cushioning | Wrapping | Surface Protection | Interleaving | Void Fill

Advantages of Bubble:

  • Lightweight, clean, and flexible
  • Easy to use plus, everyone LOVES bubble!
  • Keeps products of all shapes and sizes securely in place
  • Cushioning qualities protect items from shock, vibration, and abrasion
  • Transparent to provide easy product identification
  • Multi-purpose material available in a variety of sizes, performance range, and customizations to meet the toughest industrial need to the DIY’er

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Mayghan Wu: