Bubble Cushioning 101

GLBC Bubble

Bubble cushioning is tough. But how much tough is enough? We’re glad you asked. Our nifty little guide will teach you about the durability levels of bubble and what option might be best for your shipping and storage needs But first, what is bubble and how can it help?

Bubble is an air cushioning  material that is lightweight, clean and flexible.  It is a cost-effective and reliable protective packaging option that minimizes damage when packing, shipping or storing goods.

Primary applications include cushioning and wrapping:

  • See-through material so product identification is instant and easy
  • Flexible to conform around odd shapes for quick, easy wrapping
  • Puncture resistance
  • Available in varying cell heights (3/16″ small, 5/16″ medium and 1/2″ large bubble)
  • Available in various roll widths and lengths
  • Multiple performance grades ranging from heavy duty to light duty
  • Options include anti-static, adhesive, cohesive and recycled content

So which bubble variation works for you? Check our handy guide that will surely help you out in a pinch.


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Mayghan Wu: