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Branded Packaging Trends to Inspire you before the Holiday Rush

As you approach your e-commerce business’s busiest time of the year, here are the top branded packaging trends that are delivering unexpected delight to customers right now.

Unpacking the importance of branded un-boxing

We’ve talked previously about why opening a package from an e-commerce business like yours should feel more like unwrapping a particularly artful holiday gift. But it’s getting to be that time of year when you should take that advice pretty literally.

That’s why we’re sharing the top branded packaging trends in the world of e-commerce right now. It’s inspiration time!

gift boxes stacked on top of each other

Before we delve into these branded packaging trends, just remember why investing in an eye-catching, on-brand un-boxing experience is utterly worthwhile. Again, we investigated this topic in depth previously, but here are a few quick stats from the e-commerce logistics coordinator Dotcom Distribution to get you up to speed:

  • 52% of online consumers say they are more likely to make repeat purchases from a brand delivering orders in premium packaging
  • 71% of online consumers say they expect higher quality packaging when ordering expensive products online
  • 83% of online consumers say they are likely to share an image of high-quality packaging on social media

In other words, you want to create dynamite branded packaging experiences because it inspires loyalty, satisfaction, and sharing.

Branded packaging trends: Four to Watch

1. Sustainability

As concerns over the health of the environment mount, consumers are increasingly appreciative of efforts to package more sustainably. For example, the organic meal delivery service Sun Basket retains its credibility as a green brand by shipping its products in entirely recyclable and compostable packaging.

2. Social Feed-Friendly Artistry

Remember that one of the best reasons to invest in the branded packaging experience is the sharing it promotes. Brands like Birchbox create exceptionally artistic packages that look beautiful in a social media feed. How can you capture elements of your brand in a maximally Instragrammable and Pinnable way.

3. Easy to Open Packaging

 In your efforts to make your branded unboxing experience special, don’t forget the importance of sparing your customer’s needless frustration. There’s nothing quite as annoying as struggling to open theft-preventing and oversized brick-and-mortar-style packaging, is there? For an example of simple, frustration-free boxing, look no further than Amazon, a company that uses algorithms to determine exact box dimensions.

4. Personalization

As technology allows us to meet our customers’ needs in increasingly niche ways, personalized packaging is on the rise. Elements in your branded packaging that address customers by name or reflect their specific journey with your brand amp up feelings of connection and loyalty. For example, Trunk Club includes personal notes in each of their deliveries.

Incorporating as many of these trends as possible will give your brand the edge when it comes to exceptional unboxing experiences. Create sustainable, striking, simple, and personal packaging and you’ll be well on your way to delivering what e-commerce clients want as 2018 wraps up.

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