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Boxing Day- How to recycle all your holiday boxes and packages

The fun, excitement, and joy of the holiday season are winding down. At this time of year, homes are likely full of more packaging, boxes, gift-wrap, and cards. Here at GLBC, we support and encourage sustainable initiatives. As a certified member of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program and Forest Stewardship Council, Great Little Box is committed to creating packaging that is environmentally friendly. So, on this Boxing Day, we wanted to share some tips on recycling all the boxes and wrapping that have piled up over holidays so you too can be committed to sustainability.

Boxing Day: How to Recycle all Your Holiday Boxes & Packages
Boxing Day: How to Recycle all Your Holiday Boxes & Packages

Yes to the bin

Extra packaging in the house means many people are left scratching their heads wondering, “What can I recycle?” According to RecyclingBC, the following can be recycled curbside or at a depot collection.

  • Gift wrap/ paper
  • Cartons
  • Coffee Cups
  • Paper bags
  • Foil Trays
  • Tin cookies
  • Plastic containers
  • Boxes


It is important to know what you can recycle but it is just as important to know what you can’t. According to RecycleBC, here are the items that will not be accepted:

  • Foil Gift Wrap
  • Lights
  • Toys
  • Ribbon and Bows
  • Padded Envelops
  • Electronics
  • Batteries
  • Food
Boxing Day: How to Recycle all Your Holiday Boxes & Packages
Boxing Day: How to Recycle all Your Holiday Boxes & Packages


It is easy to become an eco-friendly holiday gift wrapper. Boxes, bags, and bows that are still in good shape can be saved for next year and reused during the 2018 holiday season and beyond.


Many people are now doing most of their holiday shopping online and that means plenty of cardboard boxes around the house. Cardboard boxes can all be recycled alongside other paper products. Don’t fuss about trying to peel off all the tape; generally, the tape can stay on when going into the recycling bin.


Christmas Trees

Check-in with your local city to find out how you can recycle your Christmas tree. Most communities will have a tree recycling program set up so residents are able to bring their Christmas tree to a designated location and have it recycled.

At Great Little Box, we are committed to conducting business in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner. Remember, reduce, reuse, recycle!

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