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Thinking Outside the Box

We think of boxes as cardboard structures within which to keep things protected. They can be used for storage or for transporting products from point A to point B without losing any parts or gaining a scratch.

However, at Great Little Box we like to break free of the ordinary, and this week we want to take our customers on a trip down memory lane to when a box was much more than just a simple cardboard structure.


To the innocent, imaginative minds of children, boxes are a house, a spaceship, and a vehicle. Who doesn’t remember cutting leg holes at the bottom and running around inside your racecar box with an invisible steering wheel? Then of course there’s the inevitable childhood tradition of building a fort, to which a box can be a key contribution.

.GLBC made this house for one of our employees nieces – it’s great for tea parties, shopping and dolls.

Boxes can be used for protecting surfaces from spills or stains, for holding supplies, or for a pet litter box. We use boxes to store letters and documents, to create signage, or to host a puppet show.

Great Little Box offers a variety of boxes, including corrugated boxes, moving supplies, and shipping supplies. We all know the primary purpose of boxes is to contain things, whether for storage or transportation – however, sometimes it’s fun to use a little imagination, discover other uses, and think outside the box!

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