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Beyond the Sales: Jon Husting

Jon Husting has been with us for 8.5 years, mainly in the Folding Carton -Retail Packaging Division. If you think that a near-decade in sales will ensure you’re pretty great at the job, you’re right. Jon has so much genuine enthusiasm for his work, and it’s infectious. Team members feel it and so do customers. In our industry, a big part of sales is education. Jon has the packaging expertise and passion for products to carry off this part of the job with flying colours.

Folding Carton – Retail Packaging Division – Jon Husting

How long have you been in sales?

I have been in sales for over 15 years. I’ve been in packaging sales for 13 years and the packaging industry for over 17 years. I’ve worked with a lot of packaging companies! But when I got to GLBC, everyone was so happy to have me. It was so welcoming.

Why did you choose sales?

I started my journey in packaging while I was in customer service. I went on the road a few times with the sales reps and realized, “This is what I want to do!” An opportunity came up and I grabbed it. Been a sales rep ever since! Getting into sales was a natural progression for me. It provided an opportunity for increased responsibility and a different dynamic in my professional journey.

What are your keys to success in sales?

I find that being sincere and trustworthy is really important. This creates years of loyalty and great working friendships. To build trust, I’m just honest with customers. I am an easy-going guy, and high-pressure sales is not my thing. I want to be that guy who makes you happy. I want to make you smile, make you laugh. I want you to value my input on a project. I don’t always think of customers as “customers”; I want to treat them the same way I would a friend.

Secondly, my years of experience have helped me to do well in this industry. Sometimes a customer has a vision of their packaging or print job, and I need to guide them towards a feasible and economical solution. I can do that.

What interests you the most about the Folding Carton – Retail Packaging Division?

I love that my division creates the stuff that you see up on the shelves. That’s so cool to me. Sometimes, I’ll be out, and I’ll see a package and my wife is like, “Stop looking at that”, and I’m like, “Oh well, just a sec, I just want to see how this was made.” I just love seeing the evolution of a package from first conception to seeing it on the store shelves. It’s really rewarding to say, “I helped with that project!”

Also, the team we have is incredible. We all work well together and value each other’s input.

What are the biggest challenges you face and how do you overcome them?

Since COVID, I have found that communication with new and currents customers is not happening in person as much. Email or phone calls are preferred. But I think face to face communication is important in this industry.

I overcome this challenge by being as responsive by email, text, or phone as possible. If I am not able to meet in person, I want to ensure I assist new or current customers as soon as I can.

What advice would you give yourself five years ago about working in sales?

Over the past five years, we have changed ERP systems, gone through a pandemic and acquired a few companies at GLBC. So, I would tell myself, “Expect the unexpected! The landscape is always changing so have a positive attitude about that change. After all, the glass is always half full!”

What’s your favourite memory of working at GLBC?

I have lots of great memories, from holiday parties to our company golf tournament.

I fondly remember sitting next to our president on the plane for our box trip, both ways!

And this is not necessarily a favourite memory, but I will say that the best thing about GLBC is the people.

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