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Beyond the Sales: Kristi Sinclair

Kristi Sinclair is multi-decade sales veteran who has, as she puts it, “run the gamut” of our various divisions. Today, as one of the faces of our Labels – Retail Packaging Division, she gets to know a huge number of GLBC customers. After all, if something’s for sale, chances are it has a label on it, right? Helping business owners find just the right labeling solutions for their marketing strategies is a job for someone who loves to learn. That’s Kristi for sure! We’re grateful to have her warm heart and keen mind on our team.

Sales Veteran – Kristi Sinclair, Labels – Retail Packaging Division

How long have you been in sales?

This year it will be 15 years with GLBC. My first job with GLBC was in Corrugated, and my focus was on Point-of-Purchase displays. After that, I moved to Folding Cartons, and then was a Product Manager and did team training and sales support for staff. Then, I moved to Labels. I’ve run the gamut here! But I’ve been in sales for approximately 20 years. I had my own merchandising company in university.

Why did you choose sales?

I really enjoy connecting with people and building relationships. The reason I’ve enjoyed packaging sales is that you go from industry to industry. It’s not repetitive, you jump from segment to segment. No day looks the same.

What are your keys to success in sales?

One of my biggest keys to success is listening. I make a real effort to understand people’s businesses. Every company does have such an individual go-to-market strategy. I also engage with lots of people within an organization. Finally, it’s about being honest and building long standing relationships. Being somebody your client can come to with problems and collaborate with.

What interests you the most about the division you work in?

Packaging is a multi-billion-dollar industry and labels are such an important part of it. There are so many applications, such a variety of products, and a massive client range. I also do enjoy building out the art and being part of the brand strategy. The technical aspects and creativity are intertwined; you can’t just focus on how pretty it looks without considering functionality. I also think that sustainability is important to advocate for.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

When you help a client achieve a goal, whether that’s launching a product or streamlining a product line or achieving sustainability.

What are the biggest challenges you face and how do you overcome them?

The biggest challenge is the pace of business. I like to have proper face-to-face meetings, but people aren’t always available. It’s so nice to be in someone’s actual facility, you learn so much being there. But these days it’s not unusual for everything to happen over email. And that’s ok.

What advice would you give yourself five years ago about working in sales?

Embrace and be adaptive to new product lines. For example, right now, there is so much change happening in sustainability and it’s a lot of work to keep up with it all.

What’s your favourite memory of working at GLBC?

Some of my favourite memories have been our Box Trips and Golf Tournaments, of course!

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