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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About The New B.C. Recycling Regulation for Packaging

Guest blog: Written by Cheryl Sullivan of CS Consultants

The B.C. Provincial government has enacted a new recycling policy for packaging and printed paper.  Multi-Materials B.C. (renamed Recycle BC)  the non-profit organization formed to develop and implement this policy, reports “the program shifts recycling costs from the consumer (through property taxes) to industry, making companies responsible for the waste they produce”.  The goal is to increase packaging recycling from a 50-57% to a 75% recovery rate.

The thinking behind this policy is that by shifting the cost to the brand owner, there will be an incentive to reduce packaging and paper waste.

What you need to know is:

1.  If your business has sales of $1 million or more or supplies at least 1 tonne of packaging annually to B.C. residents, then you are subject to fees under this program.  If your business falls beneath this threshold but is part of a franchise operation, then you are also subject to fees. See, MMBC Small-Business.

2.  If your business is eligible under this program and you have not appointed an alternate steward, registration with RecycleBC is a requirement, see the Register.

3.  This program is due to launch May 19, 2014.

4.  This program shifts 100% of the B.C. residential end-of-life recycling/disposal costs to industry and their consumers.

5.  A coalition of B.C.-based businesses, #RethinkItBC, has been formed to resist these new rules.

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