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Balbir Purewal: 20 Years of Feeling “Excited and Ready to Get it Done”

Right away, employee Balbir Purewal felt at home working in the packaging industry. She learned fast and enjoyed what she was doing. Plus, her sleep schedule improved exponentially.

“Before, I was working in a restaurant, a very big restaurant. I worked the night shift, which was so hard.”

Getting daytime shifts was only the start of a satisfying career that now spans twenty years. Balbir was originally hired at Action Box, which Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC) acquired in 2010. For the last 11 years, she has worked in Protective Packaging, operating on the Press and in our assembly area. She’s one of a (not so small) group of employees who have been a staple of the company for multiple decades.

“Action Box was a great company and so is GLBC. The biggest difference is that now you can learn anything you want. If you are interested, you can learn.”

Balbir appreciates so many aspects of the job—she says that “every day” is her favourite. Working with a “nice and smart” manager like Matt Gardner helps her feel motivated without being stressed. On a typical day, she’s just “excited for orders, thinking about orders, and ready to get it done!” She is especially excited by the problem-solving her job involves.

employee balbir purewal posing on production floor with team
Employee Balbir Purewal and team at GLBC

Balbir tremendously values the friendships she enjoys with so many people on her team. That includes Robert Meggy, GLBC’s founder, who is known to stroll the facilities as he has done so many times over the years.

“Bob is a really nice guy! Whenever he visits, I feel good. He checks in to see how my family and I are doing.”

For Balbir, as a Punjabi woman, the “multicultural feeling” at work is very meaningful. For example, when the company buys food for the team, she says they always bring in a variety of types of cuisine.

“It feels really, really good. I’m happy to tell my family that I work somewhere that has respect for every culture.”



This is part of a series of posts celebrating our team members on the occasion of our 40th Anniversary. GLBC’s story is all about people who care about their company and a company who cares about people. Read more here.

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