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Atlantia Digital Lifestyle Experts Case Study: POP Floor Display that Truly Holds Up

Atlantia Digital Lifestyle Experts are—as you might guess—real tech people. They deal with products that enhance life because they are well-designed. So, to have a floor display that wasn’t constructed well enough to support their products was decidedly off-brand. Something had to be done about it, and that’s where Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC) stepped in to help them pick up the slack.

Atlantia Digital Lifestyle Accessories

Atlantia has been on the scene since 2002—a very different time, from the standpoint of the technology accessories wholesale market. The decision to enter this market in such early days, coupled with their focus on holistic relationships, has made Atlantia a true industry leader. Nowadays, they develop and grow technology accessory brands across Canada. They operate primarily from their state-of-the-art distribution facility, accepting orders on their website or via EDI with SPS Commerce. Their team of sales reps, marketing associates, and logistics experts all play different, crucial roles in supporting partners. To put it succinctly, Atlantia offers much more value than simply packing and shipping boxes of products.

Of course, for a business like Atlantia, floor displays are frequently part of the package they send to retail partners. Floor displays, especially placed near the point of purchase, offer a virtually guaranteed return on investment, driving sales and brand awareness in one fell swoop.

So, when the floor display they’d ordered overseas wasn’t working properly, they reached out to GLBC. The hope was that a competent local partner could pull off the product they were looking for. Fortunately, that hope was fulfilled.

The Situation

Atlantia Digital Lifestyle iPhone 14 Accessories

Atlantia had a very specific floor display in mind for their iPhone 14 accessories rollout with their London Drugs partners. It would be quite tall and wide, as floor displays go. Digitally printed on both sides, it could display the new iPhone 14 cases on one side, and accessories like cables and chargers on the other.

But when they sent the design off to one overseas partner, they kept getting back prototypes that toppled over, especially when shopping carts bumped into them. Time zone and communication constraints meant that the process was extra time-consuming and frustrating. They’d ask for a solution and repeatedly be presented with the same problem.

The Solution

Atlantia Digital Lifestyle iPhone 14 POS Display

Atlantia had worked with GLBC in the past, and they figured a reliable local partner just might be able to do what their other partner couldn’t. That bet paid off. They presented the same design to GLBC, asked them to fix the issue, and they did it within two passes. The whole process took a few weeks of asking careful questions in order to understand the issue and sending revisions as quickly as possible.

GLBC solved the structural issue by engineering a more robust base. The old version had just three thin cardboard support beams, while the new base featured four rows of gridded cardboard. Since these displays have been deployed, Atlantia has had “zero complaints”.

 The Result

 GLBC’s work with Atlantia Digital helped the company to:

  • Generate income: the POP display has boosted sales for their iPhone cases and accessories
  • Protect partner relationships: the robust, functional display is preventing frustration for retail partners, protecting these precious relationships
  • Enhancing their brand: the attractive double-sided display strengthens Atlantia’s reputation as creative marketing experts

Atlantia Digital Lifestyle Experts has delivered another eye-catching and effective product rollout to their retail partners. And GLBC is proud to be renewing its relationship with an old partner. Here’s to the future—something that Atlantia knows all about.




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