We Agree – Boxed Water is Better

July 17, 2014

There have been quite a few exciting events in and around Vancouver in the past few weeks including the Dragon Boat Festival, Canada Day Fireworks, and the Sunset Beach Socials. These events have our packaging minds swimming. Everything needs to be packaged in one way or another to get to its final destination. And you could put almost anything in a box, you just need to get your creative juices flowing. For example, we found this one product on the shelves and loved it:

Boxed Water Is Better

Image from Fast Company Design
Image from Fast Company Design

Where do you get your water from? The tap? A bottle? A foundation? Have you ever thought about getting your water from a box? We were in the grocery store a while back, and saw this interesting display that caught our attention. Water in a box.

Boxed Water Is Better, is a Michigan based company that had an idea. How to revolutionize the packaging of water? Water is a basic necessity and really the packaging has not changed since it was first introduced in bottled in the 1760s.

The people behind the Boxed Water is Better, were looking for a more sustainable way to provide this product to consumers.

In 2009 they came up with the idea of using a more sustainable method through a cardboard box. Not only are the boxes recyclable after use, but they are much more efficient in terms of the amount of energy consumed for transport.  The boxes are laid flat when they are shipped to the filler, which is significantly more efficient than plastic or glass bottles.

The boxes are also made with 76% reusable resources from certified well managed forests. On top of that, Boxed Water is Better, partners with 1% for the Planet to help with world water relief and reforestation efforts. All these characteristics make us a big fan of the folks over at Boxed Water is Better. We always love finding new ways to use the trusty cardboard box!

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