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AG Hair: A Beauty Industry Difference-Maker

AG Hair, a Great Little Box Company client since 1997, has always been a difference-maker. In an industry rife with chemical-laden solutions, they chose to formulate products that are, on average, 85% natural. But while AG maximizes natural ingredients like calendula and oat protein, it never sacrifices performance. It’s a balance that few hair industry players strike.

hair product custom packaging client AG Hair
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According to Lotte, she and her co-founder and life partner John more or less “fell into” creating their own products. Initially, AG sourced products from other manufacturers, but they had grave concerns about quality. The turning point came when their hairspray was turning white on people’s heads.

Then there was John’s visit to AG’s former manufactory. He strolled through the facilities until he was stopped in his tracks by the sight of a worker heaving a 50-pound bag of salt into a tank.

After asking a few questions, he discovered that the salt was being added as a thickening agent to a hair product. That must really dry out hair, he thought. He asked whose product it was. “Yours,” replied the worker.

At that point, John and Lotte felt the need to take over the manufacturing process. From a “humble start” thirty years ago, they now possess their own best-in-industry facilities. Along the way, AG Hair became a formidable brand. And Great Little Box Company was honoured to be part of that journey, helping AG to create sleek and unique packaging.

“We also like to work with like-minded companies,” Lotte says. “Great Little Box Company is always being recognized as one of the best-managed companies out there. You want your employees to be part of your success and we feel the same way.”

AG Hair front desk
Interior Design by SSDG Interiors Inc.
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Today, Lotte feels AG’s two main strengths are manufacturing and marketing, which is positioning them to help other companies create strong brands. And of course, AG’s tremendous success means that the company can cover all administration, marketing, and travel costs for One Girl Can, the gender equality non-profit Lotte founded. That means 100% of the donations they collect can directly fund their African projects.

Whether they’re connecting consumers with natural solutions or young women with educational opportunities, AG is a difference-maker. And we’re proud to support them every step of the way.

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