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All About Branded Advent Calendar Packaging

Were advent calendars part of your holiday season as a child? Do you have fond memories of those enchanting little doors and the excitement you felt waiting each day to see what was behind them?

An advent calendar provides a meaningful, month-long experience. And the best packaging design work is all about the consumer’s experience. So, it’s no wonder that advent calendars are emerging as a red-hot trend for seasonal products. In fact, Google Trends shows that online searches for “advent calendar” have doubled over the last five years.

Put simply, your customers likely love advent calendars. Creating your own represents an excellent sales and brand awareness opportunity.

Here’s what you should know if you’re considering getting in on the action.

The History of Advent Calendars

This is a tradition hundreds of years in the making. From the end of November to Christmas Eve, it’s a period of “counting down” to the big day. The custom likely originated in mid-19th century Germany, when people lit candles or drew chalk marks on doors to mark each passing day. Then, in the early 20th century, a little German boy named Gerhard Lang received a calendar with 24 candles attached to it from his mother. Gerhard grew up to create the printing company Reichhold & Lang, which printed the first advent calendars with little opening doors.

Why Advent Calendars Matter

Hundreds of years of history paired with a contemporary resurgence mean that advent calendars are both nostalgic and trendy. That’s a potent combination. Here’s what an advent calendar customized for your brand could drive.

Blockbuster Seasonal Sales

The holidays always hold out opportunities for driving higher sales, and as the Google Trend clearly shows, there is a huge interest in and demand for this particular product right now.

Brand Awareness

A calendar means at least 12 -24 days of meaningful engagement with your brand; that’s more than enough time to solidify a strong bond.

Which Industries Should Participate?

With enough creativity, the sky’s the limit. However, advent calendars are a no-brainer for these industries in particular:

Beer, Wine, Cider, and Spirits

Craft Beer Advent Calendar
Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Imagine a calendar with a bottle or a can behind each door. It’s an incredibly fun option for adults, and plenty of beer, wine, cider and spirits companies are exploring it.

Food and Beverage

Cheese Advent Calendar
Cheese Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are all about treats and variety; you never know what’s behind the door. A sampling of your company’s tastiest offerings makes so much sense for this product.

Health, Wellness, and Nutraceuticals

Essential Oils Wreath Calendar
Essential Oils Advent Wreath Calendar

During a time of indulgence, your products could offer refreshing support for mind, body, and soul.


Beauty Advent Calendar
Beauty Advent Calendar

This is an extremely popular category for advent calendars. The options are endless for creating glamourous and fun reveals of special products.

Designing a Branded Calendar

When you’re dreaming up your company’s branded advent calendar, keep the following guidelines in mind:

Balance the Branding

The holidays, of course, have their own “brand”, i.e., reds, greens, golds, silvers, and imagery like reindeer. It’s imperative to find a blend between your visual identity and the seasons. How can your brand colours be enhanced by elements like silver and gold foil, for example?

Focus on Storytelling

To drive the highest engagement possible, your calendar needs to tell a story. The Kiehls’ 2019 calendar is a great example of this. Designed to look like a book, each day features a beautifully designed holiday scene, making each “door opening” feel special.

Tailor to Your Needs

This is an opportunity for your brand to shine. Think about what approach will allow your products to be shown off to the best effect. Is 24 days or 12 days best for your company? Don’t be afraid to be unique.

Reach Out

Of course, with label, folding carton, corrugated, and protective packaging departments, we have everything you need to create a stellar advent calendar. Reach out if this is something you might want to roll out this coming holiday season. Our job is to make your creativity a reality.

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