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A One-Stop Shop: GLBC’s Packaging and Design Part II


Welcome to the sequel of GLBC’s Packaging and Design blog series. Like we mentioned in the first One-Stop Shop: GLBC’s Packaging and Design blog, GLBC is unique in that all of your packaging needs are under one roof. Having the full in-house Innovative Solutions Team allows us to help you make one succinct product efficiently and cohesively.


The structural sector of GLBC is comprised of 3 divisional teams: Corrugated, Paperboard, and Protective Packaging (Foam). These divisions are supported by our Design Manager, Team Lead, and Sample room Operators. Together, they are in charge of designing packaging solutions that are suited to your product and that bring it to life.


In order to do so, the Structural Team uses Esko’s Artioscad software to design their creative concepts in 2D. This industry-leading packaging design CAD software then allows us to demonstrate how a package will come together for the client in 3D or in animation. The software is a useful way to simplify a complicated design and create a visual of what the customer can expect. Moreover, the software enables the customer to interact with the design. As you can see in the examples below, the animations can be manipulated to change the angle and views. The 360-degree view helps eliminate any misunderstandings of what the package will look like while acting as a comprehensive guide as to how it is put together. Check out a couple of examples of packages we’ve constructed in the past.


We strive to outdo ourselves with each new product that comes our way. The creative process is extremely complex and is perpetually changing. We believe that, in conjunction with Prepress, our team has the ability to bring all designs to life. Our team thinks in 3D to conceptualize each product, something that allows our customers to see what the final result will look it.



Through a step-by-step process, we take customer requests and conceptualize each package using the 3D software. From there, it’s a joint collaboration with the Sample room to work on prototypes and find the best solution. When the design is finalized, we can bring it to life!



Look out for the third blog of our Packaging and Design series to learn about GLBC’s Prepress services!

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