Unfortunately, not of the Royal baby variety, although at GLBC this new arrival was met with a celebratory fanfare worthy of a royal reception. As for our baby’s name, we don’t think this will be on Kate and Will’s list of potentials.

So without further ado the paperboard team at GLBC is excited to uncrate and fire up…[dramatic pause]…Yawa. Otherwise known to the industry as a shiny, new, paperboard die-cutter, foiler and embosser.

The introduction of this machinery offers our customers a wider array of opportunity in customizing their paperboard projects. Whether it be a uniquely shaped design, branding or emphasis of marketing features or luxury product packaging, our new Yawa will stand up to the test.

GLBC’s fastest growing division is folding cartons and the addition of this new machine furthers business opportunities and helps our team continue to achieve award-winning service.

So while our new arrival isn’t going to make front-page news around the world like the arrival of Kate & Will’s Royal baby today, at GLBC we can’t wait to show our customers what Yawa can do for them. Contact your nearest GLBC team to find out more!

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